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by Barco
Monitoring VMS and PSIM applications on control room video walls using Barco CMS
CMS, Barco's control room management suite, allows efficient management of complete video walls, and effective collaboration with others in and beyond the control room. For operators and supervisors relying on higher level situational awareness applications (like PSIM or VMS), Barco has created an open API in the CMS software, which allows it to fit into their applications.
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Barco Segway donation helps war vets get on the move
Article posted on Oct 23, 2012
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 War veterans often find it difficult to resume their previous work and family activities if they’ve lost a limb during their tour. That’s why Segs4Vets exists: to provide veterans who have suffered a permanent mobility injury with a way to regain their independence through increase mobility upon their return from military service. Barco helped out the organization this month by donating a deluxe Segway for gifting to a serviceman or woman.


Colonel Al Kisler, Vice President of Segs4Vets describes the Segways as “a way for our soldiers to pursue their goals unhindered by their injury, whether that’s getting their college degree, embarking on a new career, or serving their community.” While many corporate contributions are in the form of cash, Barco’s donation of an actual vehicle means that Segs4Vets doesn’t have to use their funds to purchase one for donation. Segs4Vets has been honored as one of the best 2,000 charities in the nation by The Independent Charities of America.