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Kramer Shows Yarden IH 1 In Wall Hidden Speaker
Video Courtesy of rAVe Publications
What's new at Kramer Electronics USA, Inc.
VIA Vignette - View Main Display
VIA solutions allow you to view the main display on your own device.
VIA Vignette - 3rd Party Apps
With VIA solutions, you can easily connect using 3rd party apps. You can step in from anywhere in the world with 3rd party conference and office apps - right from the VIA menu bar!
VIA Vignette - Collaboration
VIA solutions allow meeting attendees to truly collaborate with features like the whiteboard and file sharing!
Kramer Brazil at InfoComm Brasil 2015
Kramer Electronics at TecnoMultimedia InfoComm Brasil es la continuación de la conferencia y exhibición regional de sistemas audiovisuales integrados para Latinoamérica. La franquicia de TecnoMultimedia Brasil se basa en los exitosos emprendimientos organizados en México y Colombia.
VIA Vignette - Security
VIA products have powerful security including user authentication, 1024-bit encryption, and a dynamic room code to ensure that your meetings and information stay secure.
Kramer Italia introduzione KDS-EN3 Digital Encoder for Video Streaming supports AVC - MPEG4, H.264 & AAC - RTSP( Real-Time)
VIA Vignette - File Transfer
VIA solutions allow you to easily share files with one or several meeting participants.
VIA Vignette - Step In
VIA solutions allow you to easily step in. It's easy to step in and present from your own device.
Kramer K-Touch in a Home Installation
One of our customers, Steve from RomaTech, made this great video from one of his recent home installations featuring our K-Touch control system along with Kramer SL-10 and SL-12 controllers.
Warping and Blending with Kramer Scalers: Part 1
Warping and Blending with Kramer Scalers
Warping and Blending with Kramer Scalers: Part 2
Warping and Blending with Kramer Scalers
Warping and Blending with Kramer Scalers: Part 3
Tim Brooksbank explain in detail about Warping and Blending with Kramer Scalers.
ISE 2015: Compilation
ISE 2015: Compilation
ISE 2015 - Kramer and HighSecLabs
Kramer Electronics has formed a partnership with HighSecLabs to distribute secure KVM solutions for multiple screen control by one keyboard and mouse where each screen is fed from a different computer.
ISE 2015 - New Kramer Switcher/Scalers
Nick Mawer, of Kramer Electronics UK, describes some of the new switcher/scaler products on display at the recent ISE 2015 exhibition in Amsterdam.
ISE 2015 - AV Nation Speaks with Aviv Ron
Kramer's VP of Strategy & Business Development, Aviv Ron, interviewed by AV Nation.
Aviv Ron,VP Strategy and Business Development, Welcomes you to ISE 2015
As the new VP of Strategy and Business Development for Kramer Electronics, Aviv Ron has been at the heart of Kramer's move into collaboration and control. In this video, he welcomes our many visitors to the Kramer booth at the ISE 2015 show.
VIA Quick Start Video
Learn how to take your VIA out of the box and set it up!
Kramer Describes K Touch V3 0 Cloud Based Control Solution
K-Touch control system is our Cloud-Based System for Creating iOS & Android Room Control Applications K-Touch V3.0 - Personalized, Powerful, Cloud-based Control solution for AV. K-Touch is the control system for any device - your own phone, tab, iPad, iPhone, Tablet. You're in Control. We make it Easy.
Kramer Introduce KADS100, TP 590TXR, VP 444 and More
At ISE 2015 - Amsterdam, Clint Hofman VP of Marketing Kramer US explain our new products - KADS 100 - Kramer Audio Distribution System 8 channel system with 99 speakers connected in serial using standard speakers wires and you can select which channel each speaker is playing. TP 590TXR and TP 590RXR - HDBT 2.0 (HDBaseT) Extended Range Solution HDMI, Audio, ETH & USB, Bidirectional RS-
Kramer Talks About New Phone Charging Technologies
Video Courtesy of rAVe Publications
Kramer Shows Yarden IH 1 In Wall Hidden Speaker
Video Courtesy of rAVe Publications
ISE 2015: Kramer K-Touch V.3.0 - Smart Control
Introducing at ISE 2015 our K-Touch control system Cloud-Based Control System for Creating iOS & Android Room Control Applications
ISE 2015: First Unified Communications Panel Event
Kramer invites you to the UC Panel Event on Wednesday February 11, 16:00-17:00, Hall 9.
ISE 2015: Introduction
Kramer Electronics welcomes you to ISE 2015.
ISE 2015: VIA Wireless Collaboration Products
At ISE 2015, Kramer presents VIA: make meetings more productive and enable true collaboration.
Experience True Collaboration with Kramer VIA Collage - Now with iOS mirroring
Up to 6 devices on a single display Up to 12 devices on dual displays
VIA Makes Meetings Easier
Here for the contest? To enter, follow this link to complete a short survey: Kramer’s wireless collaboration & presentation solutions – ideal for any meeting space or huddle room. Kramer’s VIA product line lets you connect to meetings wirelessly with your own device, collaborate efficiently and engage effectively with all participants. VIA delivers
EDID Related Audio Problems
How EDID can affect the audio output from a Blu-ray™ player.
Cross Talk Problems with Unshielded Twisted Pair Cabling
How cross talk can negatively affect a digital video signal when it's run through unshielded twisted pair cabling.
Sierra Video SVG Multiviewer
This video describes the new SVG Multiviewer from Sierra Video Systems as displayed at the 2012 NAB Show
Configuring a Controller in K-Config
This video describes the process of creating a configuration for control devices that use Kramer K-Config software.
This video describes Kramer's HDBaseT solution for twisted pair applications. This solution provides users the ability to send HDMI signals at 1080P, bi-directional IR and RS-232, and 100 BaseT ethernet signals up to 328' on a single standard category cable.
Simplified Classroom A/V
This video describes Kramer's WP-500 and WP-501 classroom A/V management and control interfaces, released at the 2011 InfoComm show.
EDID in the Analog World
This video demonstrates how Kramer can handle EDID in twisted pair applications for analog computer graphics applications. This demonstration is from the 2011 InfoComm Show.
Digital Matrix Switchers
This video describes Kramer's expanded line of digital matrix switchers at the 2011 InfoComm Show.
How to Update Firmware
This video describes how to install updated firmware on the Kramer VP-728, VP-729, VP-730, and VP-731 presentation scaler/switcher
Setting a K-Net ID
This tutorial will guide you through setting the K-Net ID of your Kramer Control Product. Setting the K-Net ID's is a necessary procedure to be performed before the installation of the system.
Installing Firmware via K-Config
This tutorial will guide you through the steps of upgrading the firmware for any of Kramer Control Products that uses the K-Config Software. These products include SV-551, SV-552, SL-1, SL-12, and RC-6x Controllers. Please only upgrade a units firmware if new features are needed. Upgrading firmware could result in having to create a new configuration file.
Kramer USB Driver
This video describes how to instal the Kramer's USB driver on to your computer. This will allow your computer to communicate with Kramer's Control Products such as RC-6X, SL-XX, and SV-55X.
New Firmware Features
This video describes the features that were added on master firmware version 1.23 for the VP-728 and VP-729, and master firmware version 1.11 for the VP-730 and VP-731. See Kramer's website for full release notes.