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Califone Upgrades PA419 with Bluetooth and NFC
Published on Apr 9, 2015 • New lithium battery is lighter and holds charge longer • 6.5” speaker loud enough for 300 people • Works with other Califone 900MHz PAs • 2 wireless mic receivers built in • PA419Q with single handheld mic • PA419Q2 with two wireless mics • PA419M with beltpack transmitter & headset mic • Match wireless frequency on the PA’s receiver to the mic • Wired mic enabl
Califone To Go™ Headsets
Mobile devices enable students to learn at their own pace or in differentiated groups; Headsets necessary in classrooms with multiple devices; First headsets for use with mobile devices/iPad & Android compatible, MP3 & MP4 players w/3.5mm mic-in; 4100AVT, Washable Titanium HPK-1010T, Deluxe Multimedia 3066AVT, Discovery DS-8VT, Lightweight Multimedia 3065AVT; Single plug & audio w/3 stripes on tip
CardMaster Card Reader & Card Programs
• Trusted by speech pathologists & reading coaches • Used by classroom teachers for ESL/ELL uses • Enhances reading & language skills • Ideal for modeling, call & response activities • Prerecorded card programs are also available • Each pack includes 48-88 cards • Teacher track plays recorded material on the card • Student track enables students to record reponses • Blank cards for differe
Califone Titanium™ Series Washable Headphones with 85dB Volume Limit
Washable headphones, USB / 3.5mm plugs, 85dB volume restriction, classroom/school/library uses
Califone Titanium™ Series Washable Headsets with 85dB Volume Limit
Washable headsets, USB / 3.5mm plugs, 85dB volume restriction, classroom/school/library uses
Califone Wireless Tablet Interface WT1 Functions as a Remote Mouse
•Full remote control over PC functions •Ideal for computer/projector presentations •First charge for 3 hours •Easily calibrates with computer •Functions as a remote Mouse •Left/right & page up/down functions •Change / end current applications •Use Pen for right hand functions •Write on screen with colored pens •Erase •Screen snap shot •50' range to its USB connector •20 hou
Califone Multipurpose Laser Presenter LP3 PC & Mac Compatible
•Adds versatility and flexibility to presentations •Laser highlights objects up to 650' feet away •Plug in the USB receiver enables additional features •Mac & Windows compatible •40' reception range from mouse to receiver •Two modes, each enabling different functions •Trackball, mouse, & laser pointer available in both modes •Mode 1 -- email, internet browser, desktop, page up/down
Califone Discovery, Odyssey, Explorer, 610 Headset & Headphone overview
•Discovery, Odyssey, Explorer & 610 Series Overview •4 new lines for Califone •Discovery & Odyssey offer deep ear cavities for comfort •All offer stereo/mono with different cord choices •Noise canceling dynamic or electret mics •Explorer series versatile use in computer labs •Lighter weight 610 with dual headbands
Califone Discovery DS Headset Series for K12 PC & Mac Classrooms
•Discovery Headset Series •Rugged and dependable •Classroom, library, computer applications •Replaceable cord with 3.5mm plugs •Cord comes in stereo or monaural uses •Deep ear cavities for extra comfort •Comfort sling for better weight distribution & comfort •Adjustable microphone •Noise canceling dynamic or electret mic
Califone Explorer EH Headphone Series for K12 PC & Mac Classrooms
•Explorer Headphone Series •Versatile & rugged headphone •Converts stereo/mono with cord •Cord options ¼" mono to 3.5mm stereo •Steel backed headstrap with dual headbands •Easy clean cushions and slotted earcup baffles •Ideal for stereo computer lab uses
Califone 610 Binaural Headphone Series for K12 PC & Mac Classrooms
•610 Headphone Series •Rugged and dependable for K-12 settings •Windows & MAC compatible •5' cord choices for ¼" mono or 3.5mm stereo •Dual headbands for comfort •Easy clean ear cushions •Slotted baffles protect inner speakers
Califone Titanium Headphone & Headset Cord Removal
•5-pin cord configuration •To wash, first remove cord •Insert flathead screwdriver into earcup slot •Gently push cord into headphone to release pressure •Depress "hook" of the cord •Pull cord straight out, not at an angle
Califone CAS1500 Cassette Player / Recorder
• Consolidates 1300 & 3100 series • ABS plastic for durability • Two ¼" jacks for headphones • Remote mic • Volume control • Electret mic • Speaker loud enough for 20 people • Offers all traditional cassette functions • Auto stop function preserves tapes
Califone Computer Animal Mice for Beginning Student Users
• Engage and excite beginning computer uses • Bear, Tiger, Panda themes • ABS plastic • Left/Right function on the ears • Guaranteed for 1 million clicks • Scroll wheel • 800 DPI resolution • USB 2.0 connectivity
Califone Deluxe Cassette CAS5272 Player/Recorder for Read-Alongs & More
• Most powerful and rugged cassette player/recorder • Ideal for ESL/ELD, classroom & library applications • Speech-language therapies and story-time & read-alongs • Rugged ABSs plastic for durability • Total of seven 1/4" headphone jacks • 7th can also be used to connect an external speaker • 1/4" aux-in to play audio from other devices • 3.5mm and 2.5 mic-ins for remote recording • Built-
Califone Card Reader Programs used with the CAR2020 CardMaster
• Multisensory approach to reinforcing vocabulary development • Ideal for ESL, remedial reading, language learning • 15 card programs offered by Califone • Survival Signs • Telling Time • Basic Vocabulary 1-2 • Money Words • Food Words • Everyday Words 1-2 • Picture Words • Rhyming Words • Sight Words • Each package includes cards and an assessment form • 50-80 cards per package • Bl
Califone CAR2020 CardMaster Card Reader for ELL & ESL Language Learners
• Replaces 2020AV & 2010AV models • Reinforces vocabulary & spelling skills • Remedial reading, special ed & ESL uses • Rugged ABS plastic for durability • Record button • Separate play/record for teacher & student tracks • Built-in electret mic • ¼" & 3.5mm headphone & mic input/outputs • ¼" aux output • Lock / Unlock switch on underside • Detachable power supply • 15 prerecorded progr
Califone Diggiditto DC596 Document Camera Links Sounds to Images
Diggiditto DC596 Document Camera Ideal for flipped classrooms whereby you can record your lesson with the Diggiditto and post it online for students to learn on their own at another time.
Califone PA419 Wireless PA with iPhone Docking for Audio Amplification
• Portable PA is 1st to offer built-in docking station • 6.5" full-range speaker • 30W for several hundred people • Works with all 900 MHz Califone PA gear • Works with PA319, PA919/PS/SD • Works with M319, Q319 wireless mics • 2 wireless mic receivers • Aux in, line in, line video out, • Voice priority overrides music for announcements • 2 hour operation on battery only, during rechargi
Califone PA419 Wireless Mic and PA How to for Voice & Audio Amplification
• First turn the unit on • Turn on wireless mic receiver • Mic volume set to no more than 12 o'clock • WS-T ; 16-channel must be set to same channel as the PA • 2nd wireless mic must be set to another channel • WS-T; use as a wireless mic or transmit from a computer
Califone AV2 Language Learning & Flash-Enabled Classroom Gaming Device
• Next Generation of the CardMaster Card Reader • deal for ESL/ELL students and speech pathology uses • Classroom and gaming uses • On/off and photo/movie button up top • Wheel and joystick for navigation • 4 buttons with keymapping for advanced gaming applications • SD card slot/ usb / TV / Headphone / Hold / Reset • Built-in feature 85dB volume playback for hearing safety • Play/capture/
Califone Guaranteed for Life™ Headset Cords for Classroom & Lab Uses
• First to offer lifetime warranty on the cord • 2 cords are for Titanium headsets • HPE-1010 headset body is washable w/o cord • Used with HPC-1510 cord • Inline volume, mic off/mic mute, 85dB limiter • Combined HPK-1510 headset body with cord • HPK-1010 without GFL cord • HPC-1550, 3.5mm GFL cord, or HPK-1050 cord without GFL • When HPE-1030 (not shown) with 85dB, paired with HPC-1530 •
Califone Guaranteed for Life™ Headphone Cords
• First to offer lifetime warranty on the cord • 2 cords are for Titanium headphones • HPE-1000 headphone body is washable w/o cord • Used with HPC-1520 cord (3.5mm cord) • Inline volume control, 85dB limiter • Combined HPK-1500, headphone body with cord • HPK-1000 without GFL cord • When pair the HPE-1000 body HPC-1500 cord • HPC-1540, 3.5mm GFL cord, or HPK-1040 cord without GFL • When
Califone Guaranteed for Life™ Headphone Cords for Classroom Uses
• Next generation of headphone and headset cords • First to offer lifetime warranty on the cord • Works with Titanium series of headphones/sets • 2 headphone cords and 2 headset cords • USB or 3.5mm plugs both with proprietary 5-pin attachment • Headphone cords, HPC-1520 (3.5mm), HPC-1500 (USB) • Headset cords, HPC-1530 (dual 3.5mm), HPC-1510 (USB) • Headset cord, inline volume control, mic
Hearing Protection for Young Children with Califone Hush Buddy™ Earmuffs
• World can be too loud distracting • Classroom needs full attentiveness • For students who need maximum blocking of ambient noise • Sized for children, fully adjustable, padded headband • Earcups fully cover the ears • Sound deadening • Panda, Tiger, Bear themes
Califone KB1 Classroom Computer Keyboard for Beginning Students
• Ideal for beginning computer users • Rugged abs plastic withstands daily knocks • 88 keys less intimidating than full-sized adult keyboards • Color-coded keys • "Green" keys are functions • "Red" keys are numbers • "Orange" keys are vowels • "Yellow" keys are consonants • Microsoft Office Hot keys • Volume, home, internet browser, email and more
Califone PA419_ Wireless PA for Voice & Audio Amplification
• Care-free portability with a built-in handle • iPhone and iPod docking station also charges while playing music • DVD/CD player including USB port for added connectability • Control panel with Music/Speech button, mic/aux/MP3/master volume controls, aux input & audio line out, iPod/DVD video outs, voice priority switch • Combo XLR / 1/4" mic input • Wireless Mic Receiver #1 & #2, chann
Califone Hush Buddy Hearing Protection Earmuff Sizing for Children
• For children with higher auditory sensitivities • Also for those needing increased quiet during reading • Helps kids to stay better on task • Hush Buddy ear muffs are designed for children • Like sports equipment, the right sized tool for the job • Unlike adult-sized ear muffs, Hush Buddy headband is smaller • Hush Buddy earcup cavity is not as deep as those for adults • Hush Buddy earcup
Califone PA Pro Personal PA for Presenter Voice Amplification
• 10 Watt • Ideal for tour groups, presentations, emergency response • Powerful enough for 150 people at a time • Wireless mic with 100' range to PA • Battery operated or operates on AC • Single channel for easy use • Turn mic & PA on and ready to go • Beltpack transmitter & lav mic store in back when not in use • 3.5mm mic input for a wired mic • PA10A or PA10B both use VHF frequencies
Califone CA-2 Stereo Classroom Headphone with Storage Bag for Students
• Ideal value-priced stereo headphone solution • For schools, classrooms, computer labs, daycare centers • Personalized bag for single student reuse • Lightweight adjustable headband • 6' cord with right-angle plug preventing accidental pull out • ¼" plug attachment • Connect with MP3 players and computers
Califone Music Maker Series Classroom Boomboxes for Audio Amplification
• Plays for up to 60 people • ABS plastic for durability • 2385AV-03 Music Maker • 2395AV-02 Music Maker Plus • 2395IR Infrared Music Maker Plus • 6 Watts, cassette player/recorders • Top-loading CD player on each • Recessed speaker behind steel grills • Recessed mic for recording projects • Full-function remote • Single cassette on 2385AV-03 • Dual cassette on 2395AV-02 • 2395IR trans
Califone Performer Plus 2455 Boombox for Audio Amplification
• Versatile multimedia player/recorder • Dual cassette enables recording • Top loading CD player for CD/R/RW/MP3 discs • AM/FM stereo tuner • Recessed speakers behind steel grills for safety • Rugged ABS plastic for durability • Recessed mic for recording projects • Pitch control +/- 15% on CD playback • Ideal for language & dance rehearsal and music instruction • Built-in jacks for five
Califone JB310 Stereo Jackbox for Computer-Based Student Language Learning
• Ideal for computer-based learning • 10-position accepts 3.5mm headphone jacks • Individual volume controls for student preferences • Can be permanently attached to workstation • 3.5mm plug on the side to daisy-chain additional listeners • 3.5mm and 1/4" stereo plugs
Califone 3065AV Headset for Computer-Based Student Language Learning
• Personal Multimedia Headset • Ideal for ELL & foreign language learners • Lightweight, stereo for computer use • Comfortable enough for extended wear • Adjustable headband • Ear cushions • Flexible unidirectional electret mic • 6' cord with dual 3.5mm stereo jacks • Ideal for VoIP, podcasting & gaming • 3065AV-10L classroom 10-pack
Califone 1216USB Jackbox for Student Generated Podcasting in Class
• Jackboxes are cost effective for small student groups for listening to audio from media players or computers • Ideal for creating smaller differentiated learning groups • First with a USB plug for two-way audio, enabling students to listen and have their verbal responses recorded • Headphone and microphone volume controls • 6 students can create a group podcast • 6' cord with usb plug
Califone 4-Person Listening First Center
• Enables individualized learning activities • Use with computers, smartphones and tablets • Includes four headphones for younger children • Earcups reduce ambient noise • 4-position jackbox with adjustable volume control • 6' patch cord connects audio source to jackbox • Ideal for differentiated group learning • Choice of Blue, Red, Yellow colors
iPhone Wireless PA System (PA419)
Introducing the PA419, the first portable PA designed for schools, churches, hotels and meeting facilities with an Apple-approved docking station for audio played from iPhones and iPods! • Portable PA is 1st to offer built-in docking station • 6.5" full-range speaker • 30W for several hundred people • Works with all 900 MHz Califone PA gear • Works with PA319, PA919/PS/SD • Works with M319
Titanium Cord Removal
Some of the Titanium Series of Headphones and Headsets are washable, but first need to have their cord removed. - 5-pin cord configuration - To wash, first remove cord - Insert flathead screwdriver into earcup slot - Gently push cord into headphone to release pressure - Depress "hook" of the cord - Pull cord straight out, not at an angle
Performer Plus
The Performer Plus is the most flexible multimedia player/recorder designed for use in educational settings. Its 14-watts are powerful enough for projecting music or voices out to 100 students, and with a built-in mic input, it enables the Performer Plus to be also used as a PA system for making announcements. The upgraded Performer Plus can now read CD, CD-R, CD-RW, and MP3-CDs, enabling it
WS-T Transmitter
• Operates in 900 MHz range • Hip worn or around the neck style with optional lanyard • Power on, channel up/down buttons on front • 3.5mm Line in & 3.5mm Mic In • Use MM1 Mono mic or HBM319 headset • Ideal for Tour Groups or Assistive Listening Activities • Use the Line in to connect audio from MP3 player or computers • Walkie-talkie function too • Transmit to any number of WS-R receivers
WS-R Receiver
• Receives signal from WS-T transmitter • No limit to the number of receivers • 300' reception range • 1st to offer 85dB volume limit • 6-hour battery life on a single charge • 1st to offer dual 3.5mm headphone jacks • Use 3060AV or ER1 single-ear mono headphone • Hip worn or around the neck style with optional lanyard
Recharging the Assistive Listening System
• WS-CR cradle used for single units • Recharges in 11 hours • WS-CH charges up to 4 units at a time • Charges either WS-T (transmitter) or WS-R (receiver) • Daisy-chain additional WS-CH units
Assistive Listening to Upgrade Wired PAs
• Can upgrade your own wired PA • WS-T (transmitter) and WS-R (receiver) • WS-R has two headphone plugs • Connect 3.5mm y-cable to the WS-R and the PA • Connect MM1 or HBM319 headset to the WS-T • Set the WS-T and WS-R to the same channel • Wireless signal sent from the WS-T to WS-R
Assistive Listening System - contents
• Rugged storage case • Rolling wheels for portability • 4-position retractable handle • Protective steel corners • 6 roomy storage pockets holds headphones • Foam cut-outs stores up to 12 units • Holds chargers, cables, & accessories
Paging Horn PHT15
When announcements made from the main office need to be heard out in the schoolyard or on the playing field, this 15W paging horn is up to the task. Its all-weather design and rugged construction help ensure your messages will be heard throughout all four seasons. The Paging Horn features a multitap transformer with screwdriver-adjustable power taps for 100V & 70V modes. * Built-in 15
The Infrared Wireless Headphones
Wireless learning not only helps boost student self-esteem and independence, but creates more flexible classroom environments for individuals or smaller groups of differentiated learners. Our multipurpose Infrared Headphone can be used for monaural language-based activities or with the flip of a switch, also for stereo computer-based programs. The wireless headphone receives the audio signal fr
Titanium Series Headset/Headphone Overview
Washable headphones, washable headsets, USB / 3.5mm plugs, 85dB volume restriction, classroom/school/library uses
Titanium™ Series Headphones
Washable headphones, USB / 3.5mm plugs, 85dB volume restriction, classroom/school/library uses
Titanium™ Series Headsets
Washable headsets, USB / 3.5mm plugs, 85dB volume restriction, classroom/school/library uses
Discovery Headset Series
Rugged and dependable Classroom, library, computer applications Replaceable cord with 3.5mm plugs Cord comes in stereo or monaural uses Deep ear cavities for extra comfort Comfort sling for better weight distribution & comfort Adjustable microphone Noise canceling dynamic or electet mic
Explorer Headphones
Explorer Headphone Series Versatile & rugged headphone Converts stereo/mono with cord Cord options ¼" mono to 3.5mm stereo Steel backed headstrap with dual headbands Easy clean cushions and slotted earcup baffles Ideal for stereo computer lab uses
Infrared Classroom Audio System
Using the Infrared Classroom Audio System, project your voice or music from an audio source, such as a personal or multimedia player, connected via its ¼” line output. It features 2 wireless channels for students & teachers to use separate microphones and can connect to computers & assistive listening systems. Included are two infrared ceiling sensors and 3.5mm mic out for teleconferencing.
Active Noise Reducing Headphone
For the highest fidelity audio during high-stakes testing, the Active Noise Reducing Headphones help protect students’ hearing. Made with rugged ABS plastic for durability, they can connect to MP3 or multimedia/CD players with a 3.5mm plug or included ¼” adapter. A power switch on the over-the-ear earcups activates the noise reduction feature & it also has a 5’ cord with in-line volume control.
Diggiditto™ Flatbed Document Camera DC896
Featuring auto focus, 12x optical zoom & 9x digital zoom as well as mic in &audio out for sound amplification, it has fully-adjustable side lamps and a camera head that swivels for horizontal & vertical shots. Includes VGA, S-video & USB cables & full connections for PC, TV, LCDs and projectors. A full-function remote control transmits up to 19’ away for flexibility with multimedia presentations.
Diggiditto™ Smart Document Camera
With the ability to link images and sounds using a built-in microphone for creating tutorials, this document camera also includes a 2 megapixel camera and value-added features such as split-screen capabilities, auto focus, capture, annotation, enlarge & reduce, and video record so students can also record movies in wmv format. It also recognizes saved images and includes GradeCam software.
Remote Control for Presentations
When the need to adjust the volume on a portable PresentationPro™ or PowerPro™ speaker arises, use the RC-300 remote control to avoid any disruptions during a presentation. It features volume up/down and mute buttons so you can control the volume level accordingly.
PresentationPro™ Bracket
Custom designed for the PresentationPro™ line of speakers, these mounting brackets are made with heavy-duty 1018 carbon steel that can hold more than 60 lbs. of weight. Featuring interlocking brass washers & sunburst teeth that exactly match those found on the PresentationPro speakers, the brackets also have a four-finger shatterproof ABS plastic knob for secure installation on a wall or tripod.
The Rugged Wheels on the PowerPro™
For ease of transportation, the PowerPro™ line of speakers feature 3.5” go-anywhere rubber wheels, mounted on steel axles, that allow speakers to be hauled over grass or concrete without damaging the system. A 3" recessed tripod mount & 5 rubber feet can be found underneath to protect floors from getting scratched. A 4-position retractable handle provides added convenience for portability.
Wireless Audio Transmission to Other Speakers
With a 300’ wireless transmission range to an unlimited number of powered companion speakers, the portable PowerPro™ PA919 and PA919SD wireless speakers feature 900 MHz, 16-channel UHF capability so you can transmit audio to a sizeable audience in a large setting.
Array Speakers
Target the sound directly at the audience with an increased signal-to-noise ratio. Each has speaker mounts & spring-loaded terminals for audio, connects to computers, LCD projectors & media players. There is the powered 16-channel UHF (900 MHz) PI39 which can receive wireless audio, powered non-UHF PI30-PS; and the non-powered non-UHF PI30-SP included with the Infrared Classroom Audio System.
PA20-R & PA25-R
Built with sturdy ABS plastic for durability, these lightweight 20- and 25-watt megaphones with 1000’ and 1250’ ranges, respectively, come in handy during public address or emergency situations when used in either siren or talk mode. Both feature a shoulder strap remote microphone with the ability to record up to a ten second message that can be played back once or looped.
This switchable stereo/monaural headphone provides flexibility for students engaged in language learning applications in classroom, computer lab, or library settings. It features a reinforced coiled cord, adjustable headstrap, oversized over-ear ambient noise-reducing earcups, dual volume controls and a 3.5mm plug and ¼” adapter for use with multimedia players and cassette player/recorders.
Performer Plus™
This versatile boombox can be used for language learning in classrooms & libraries and as a PA system in the gym for dance rehearsals. It features dual cassette player/recorders & can also play MP3 CDs. It has line in/out, variable speed playback for both CD/cassette, a remote control with multiple functions for added convenience, a ¼” mic input for use as a PA & for recording to track progress.
The Classroom MP3 Player
Is the first of its kind to restrict volume playback to 85dB to protect students’ hearing and includes 2 headphone jacks for multiple listeners. Its built-in mic enables voice recording. Files can be transferred using either a mini-USB drive or up to a 2GB SD card.
Personal CD Player
Learn how the CD102, available as a learning center, can be used in classrooms & libraries. It’s made with rugged ABS plastic for durability, includes a wall adapter & 3060AVS stereo headphones. It has buttons to rewind, pause, play, fast-forward, stop or skip to search within tracks & it features enhanced anti-shock protection, bass boost and the ability to program up to 20 tracks.
Multimedia Stereo Headphones
Learn about the Multimedia Stereo Headphones that are available in either beige, blueberry or silver colors. With the exception of the silver version, these headphones feature in-line volume control and all versions come with a lightweight and adjustable headphone strap. They are made with rugged ABS plastic for durability, have on-ear ambient noise-reducing earcups, a 6’ cord and 3.5mm plug.
Deluxe Multimedia Stereo Headsets
Used by more districts for language learning programs than any other, the 3066 is made with rugged ABS plastic, can be used for podcasting, VoIP applications. It features an ambient-reducing microphone for recording purposes, ambient-noise reducing earcups with slotted baffles for safety & adjustable headband as well as dual 3.5mm plugs or USB & either earcup or in-line volume control.
Califone 2924AVPV Deluxe Monaural Headphones
Learn about the Deluxe Monaural Headphones that come with a ¼” plug for use with cassette player/recorders & over-the-ear ambient-noise reducing earcups. They are made with rugged ABS plastic for durability & have an adjustable headphone strap with recessed wiring. Available with either straight or permanently-attached coiled cords, only the 2924AVPV version features volume control on its earcup.
The CS308 In-Ceiling Speaker
Learn how the 2-way high fidelity CS308 In-Ceiling Speaker can be installed on a wall or ceiling or used with the Classroom Infrared Audio System. Behind its paintable frame & grill are a 6” woofer, 1” tweeter and integrated polypropylene cone. Its included ring & tile bridge are made with rugged 18-gauge steel for a solid connection & accommodates ceiling tiles & different-sized panels.
Audio Pods
Learn about the different Audio Pods available with either the PerformerPlus™ or Spirit™ multimedia players which can be included on a rolling car or tabletop configuration. Each Audio Pod comes with your choice of multimedia player to be placed on top, a 10-position jackbox & six 3068AV mono/stereo headphones. Ample space is provided for jackbox & CD storage with additional storage underneath.
Spirit™ SD
The Spirit™ SD is one of the first multimedia players designed for independent or group study in schools with ports for connecting a USB drive or SD card. Switch between different radio/CD/USB/SD modes. It is CD/CD-R/CD-RW/mp3-wma CD compatible, has a 3.5mm headphone jack and is made with rugged ABS plastic.
VoiceSaver™ PA285
If you lead tour groups or seminars for up to 50 people, or simply have strained vocal chords and need assistance with greater projection, this personal PA can help. It includes a lightweight headset mic and can connect from other audio sources with its 3.5mm aux input. The VoiceSaver™ can be mounted on a tripod and functions for 6-8 hours on a single charge with a 9V rechargeable battery.
Wireless Mics
Learn about the different wireless microphones that are compatible with the wireless PowerPro PA919/PA919SD/PA919PS, PA159 & PA319 PresentationPro portable speakers, and PI39 powered UHF array speaker. Using 16 UHF (900MHz) frequency channels, these speakers transmit to the handheld Q319 wireless microphone or to a beltpack transmitter connected to a lapel, collar, neck, over ear or headset hands-
Learn how the PresentationPro™ portable indoor/outdoor speaker can be used as a wireless speaker with its 16 UHF (900MHz) frequency channels to transmit to other wireless UHF speakers or to wireless microphones like the Q319 handheld. As a wired speaker it can connect via its ¼” line out to other speakers or LCD projectors. It has both XLR & ¼” mic inputs as well as a ¼’ aux in with a 3.5mm jack.
Companion PowerPro™ PA919PS
Learn about how the the PowerPro™ PA919PS wireless companion speaker functions either on its own or through wireless transmission to a master speaker using its 16 UHF (900MHz) frequency channels. It also features a rechargeable battery, speaker mute, voice priority & a speaker switched/unswitched to facilitate which speaker, between the companion & master, you want audio to be projected from.
PowerPro™ Wireless Transmission
Learn how to use your wireless PowerPro™ PA919/PA919SD as a master speaker to transmit wirelessly to multiple wireless PA919PS companion speakers, which can also be used independently, using one of its 16 UHF (900MHz) frequency channels. The companion speakers function within a 300’ transmission range from the master speaker so you can project either your voice or music wirelessly in large venues.
PA919 & Wireless Mics
Learn how the Q319 handheld wireless microphone can be used with the PowerPro™ PA919, PA919SD, which have dual mic receivers, the PA919PS, as well as the PA319 PresentationPro™ & PI39 array speaker. Like these wireless speakers, the Q319 has 16 UHF (900MHz) frequency channels and a 150’ transmission range. Set the speakers and Q319 to the same channel to make speeches and announcements.
PA919 & PA919SD
This video will help you make the most from the PowerPro PA919 or PA919SD and its functions. These speakers have dual wireless mic receivers, line-in/line-out capabilities and a 300’ wireless transmission range to other support speakers. You can project music and make announcements using your choice of wired or wireless microphones.