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CEDIA 2014: 4K DM® Ultra cable
CEDIA 2014: 4K DM® Ultra cable
Crestron Electronics, Inc.
Crestron is showcasing our new DM® Ultra cable that beats the "under 1 pixel error per billion" specification required by HDMI®, even at distances of 100m. Crestron establishes itself as the clear leader in cabling infrastructure for 4K video.

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Crestron Electronics, Inc.
5.7" Wireless Touch Screen


TV Current Sensor

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The CNXRMCS is designed as an accessory for Crestron room solution boxes to provide power sensing of a single CRT-type television or similar high-current electronic device. A current sensor provides confirmation of the television's power on/off state, ensuring reliable power control, especially for IR controlled TV's that do not include discrete power commands in their control protocol. The television's AC line cord plugs directly into the grounded AC socket on the front of the CNXRMCS, which mounts to a standard AC wall socket. The CNXRMCS then connects to the SENS input of a CNXRMC, CNXRMCLV, or C2N-DAP8RC, providing a low-voltage contact closure to indicate true power status feedback.
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