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RDL New Products - InfoComm 2010 - Microphone Compressor & VGA/XGA Distribution
RDL New Products - InfoComm 2010 - Microphone Compressor & VGA/XGA Distribution
RDL, Radio Design Labs
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RDL Introduces FP-MR2 Message Repeater

Article posted on Jan 27, 2012

RDL is pleased to introduce the FP-MR2 Message Repeater. The FP-MR2 replaces the popular FP-MR1 message repeater and provides a number of enhancements. The FP-MR2 now records up to 1.7 minutes (1 min. 40 sec.) of audio, up from the 1 minute of recording time available in the FP-MR1. Both the frequency response and the noise floor have been dramatically improved making the FP-MR2 suited to recording and playing messages that include music content. The FP-MR1 was intended for voice-band applications.

A number of operational improvements have been made to the FP-MR2 as well. The RECORD ENABLE button replaces a dip-switch setting, simplifying re-recording messages. The START button has been enlarged for easier operation. Audio connections are now made via detachable terminal blocks rather than screw terminals and the front panel graphics have been redesigned to make the unit easier to use.

The recording input is a standard -10 dBV consumer level unbalanced phono jack. An input level trimmer is provided to set the correct recording level which is indicated on a dual-LED meter. The recorded message may be played back manually using an internal interval timer, external contact closure to ground or using the front-panel START button. The time interval between messages may be DIP switch-selected in 30 second increments from 30 seconds to 7.5 minutes. A separate switch allows the selected increment to be multiplied by eight (x8) for a maximum time interval of 60 minutes. The message may also be looped continuously by connecting the end-of-message terminal to the trigger terminal. Multiple FP-MR2s may be connected in series for sequential playback of different announcements. The output level is a nominal+4 dBu which makes the FP-MR2 ideal for integration into professional A/V systems. When installed in a system with background music, the FP-MR2 is equipped to duck the background music during message playback.

The FP-MR2 is ideal for retail point-of-sale displays, background music systems where a promotional message needs to be played periodically, entertainment venues where a message is triggered by motion or sound, phone systems or a wide variety of other applications.

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