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McCann Systems Completes the University of New Haven Institute for Forensic Science

Article posted on Dec 2, 2010

University of New Haven's Forensic science lad and Museum.

The Henry C. Lee Institute for Forensic Science at the University of New Haven incorporates the latest technology into their new facility which provides space for the interactive public learning center and virtual crime scene labs. Upon entering the space you are immersed in the multimedia exhibits, interactive displays and the accompanying AV control systems throughout the Forensics and Crime Scene Learning Center, laboratories and classrooms.

Welcome to the world of forensic investigation. Upon entering the space visitors activate one of two introductory videos by placing their hand on a hand scanner. This scanner is a bloody hand print painted on a piece of acrylic which will scan your palm, once scanned the show begins. A 50” Samsung LED display is mounted behind a glass wall. A directional Dakota speaker above provides discrete audio to the user without interfering with the other exhibits. A BrightSign HD810 player feeds the display and the speaker. An iPad is used to interface with the Crestron control system which allows for total control over the facility.

Interactive touch screens are used throughout the exhibit areas, two Elo touch panels are used in the Letter Browsing Kiosks allowing visitors to browse through a collection of letters, news, articles and information by moving the virtual documents around with their hands.

The Crime Scene Room is a multi-purpose hi-tech area equipped with three Panasonic PT-6000 projectors with short throw fixed lenses. Two of them are mapped onto the walls of the room playing a sequence of synchronized images of crime scenes. The third projector displays images on the floor. This projector set up allows this room to change into endless different crime scenes. Similarly the Virtual Crime Lab projects images of the state police’s crime labs on the walls. The audio can also be routed to the JBL ceiling mounted speakers in the exterior of the space for tour scenarios by using the wall mounted switch.

As you enter the Forensic Science Area a motion sensor mounted in the wall triggers a multitude of forensic soundscapes of a crime scene; sirens roaring, lights flashing. making the user feel as if they just entered a crime scene. This soundscape is played back from a Roku HD 810 player. A portrait mounted interactive HP 42” LCD display shows photos of actual crime scenes while the other interactive LCD tests the user on their fingerprint knowledge.

The theater has an interactive video display; a 32” portrait mode Elo touch screen that the user can activate different shows that are available. The main screen will then play the clip chosen by the user. The Sanyo projector, which is located in the projection room behind the theater, gives the viewers a stunning 9’x12’ image you can walk right up to. All of the racks as well as the McCann Systems custom designed stand for the projector are housed in the projection room.

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