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Kata Bags Review in Rainy Day Magazine
Article posted on Jan 17, 2012
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Kata bags are the only ones we trust to protect our photography gear,” says a recent Rainy Day Photography Gift Guide article. This year, Rainy Day took a look at the Tele Lens Backpack (KT PL-TLB-300), Tripod Case (KT PL-TC-30-35), MiniBee 120 Backpack (KT PL-MB-120) and the ultra-light MiniBee-111 Backpack (KT UL-MB-111).


The Tele Lens Backpack (KT PL-TLB-300) will keep your pro DSLR with 300mm telephoto lens attached nice and safe but the bag is still as light and compact as possible.

The Tripod Case (KT PL-TC-30-35) will carry your tripod out to a shoot and then unfolds to be used as a field mat.

The MiniBee 120 Backpack (KT PL-MB-120) can hold a DSLR with 70-200mm lens attached, additional lenses (6-8), flash and other accessories for transport, storage and quick access to all your gear.

The MiniBee-111 Backpack (KT UL-MB-111) can hold your gear (DSLR with lens, 3-5 additional lenses, an iPad or similar sized device, and accessories) and is part of Kata’s Ultra-Light collection which strives to be as lightweight as possible but with no compromises on comfort or protection.

Rainy Day Magazine, www.rainydaymagazine.com, is highly selective of the products it reviews and recommends saying on their website, “We are VERY selective and will only look at gear which we find interesting AND we would actually want to buy.” You can learn more about their selection process and read more great reviews on their website.