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Comprehensive 6 Coax 26 AWG and 2 Pair 22 AWG Plenum

Model: CVC-RGB6C+2PR/HRXFP-500
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Comprehensive CVC-RGB6C+2PR/HRXFP is made up of six 26 awg mini coax conductors and two pairs of 22 awg shielded audio wires. The cable is finished with our exclusive flexible plenum jacket. This cable can be used to connect RGBHV plus composite video sources to projectors or plasma displays and also run stereo audio or control signals through the same cable. The cable is plenum rated so it can be run in plenum locations without the expense of conduit. This cable is perfect for all high resolution analog and HDTV applications. Inside, each 26 AWG conductor is made up of a stranded bare copper center conductor and low loss dielectric to ensure maximum signal integrity. Each conductor is also individually 95% shielded with both a tinned copper braid and aluminum shield to ensure maximum high resolution performance, even over long distances. There is also 2 pairs of 22 awg shielded conductors to carry left and right audio or control.Outside, our exclusive flexible plenum jacket allows for quicker and easier installation. Sequential foot markers are printed on the jacket for easier cable management. The built-in ripcord provides easier, faster termination. CVC-RGB6C+2PR/HRXFP is available in 500 or 1000 ft spools.