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HB Communications, Inc. has 60 years of experience providing progressive AV solutions, exceptional service and focusing on “green initiatives”. With offices located in CT, MA, NJ, VT, and OH, the experienced staff at HB focuses on systems integration, videoconferencing, distance learning, broadcast video, IP visual communications, digital signage and more.

Biamp Systems, Inc. - Logic Box

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Biamp Systems, Inc.
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Biamp Systems, Inc.
Vocia® Amplifier (VA-2060e)
Vocia VA-2060e
Vocia® Amplifier (VA-2060e)

Logic Box

Logic Control Interface

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Logic Box is a natural extension of Audia® and Nexia® products. This device provides both logic inputs and outputs, as a programmable control interface. Logic inputs allow creation of custom control panels, with completely programmable functions. Logic outputs allow the system to provide programmable triggers to external circuits, such as status indicators and speaker relays. Innovative design allows 20 available connections on the Logic Box to be configured in any combination of inputs and outputs. This extends true flexibility for a variety of applications, using the same hardware. The Logic Box is connected to a system on a 5-wire daisy-chain, eliminating the need for local power sources. This connection also provides the serial communication to the Audia or Nexia system. Multiple Logic Boxes, and Control Panels, can be connected on one bus, over a large physical distance.
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