Expandable Digital Matrix 80x80 V1.3

The EDM-8080M HDMI is a HDMI 1.3 device which permits the distribution of up to 80 unique HDMI inputs to up to 80 HDMI sinks. This product allows the matrix routing of HDCP encrypted source material to HDCP compliant sink devices.
Series: EDM - Config. Matrix Routers
Model: EDM-8080M V1.3
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The EDM Series of digital matrix routers provides a robust, purely digital back-plane for support of most digital video signal formats. The modular card frame design allows for support of mixed combinations of signal types. HDMI, DVI, HDSDI and DisplayPort are all supported simultaneously.

EDM configurations begin with an empty card frame and are populated specifically for a specific application. Regardless of the original system design, cards may be added or changed in the field. Inputs and outputs may be configured using fiber optic ports or CAT5/6 ports for extending HDMI or DVI signals. This allows designers to place the sources and/or displays at a distance from the switcher.

EDM Matrix switchers are designed to handle many of the challenges presented by digital video sources. EDID management is robust and flexible and HDCP is well refined allowing the switcher to simultaneously handle up to 128 HDCP Keys. HDCP compliance is available with both HDMI and DVI ports.

The EDM series is ideal for applications requiring fast and smooth matrix switching of numerous digital sources to digital displays.