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Da-Lite Screen Company LLC
IMAGER DT 58X136.5NPA 148D CS -- Imager - Cinemascope (2.35:1) - Da-Tex - 58 x 136.5
IMAGER DT 58X136.5NPA 148D CS -- Imager - Cinemascope (2.35:1) - Da-Tex - 58 x 136.5

Commercial Audio



160-Watt 4 Input Commercial Audio Mixer/Amplifier

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Crown’s Commercial Audio mixer/amplifiers deliver legendary Crown quality to the commercial audio industry. These high-value mixer/amplifiers provide both 4-ohm and constant-voltage outputs (70V and 100V) for use in a wide range of commercial applications including schools, hospitals, factories, restaurant/retail, houses of worship, fitness facilities, A/V boardrooms, prisons, and small offices. Easily configured for a range of uses such as paging, background music, security, and evacuation instructions, Crown’s Commercial Audio units are the smart choice for commercial sound. 1160MA has 4 inputs and one 160W power amplifier for single-zone systems.
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