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Opticomm - EMCORE
4K UHD Multimedia Transport over CATx/HDBaseT
4K UHD Multimedia Transport over CATx/HDBaseT




32-port Optical Matrix Switch

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Optical Matrix Switch Design
The EMCORE OMX-32 is a managed, non-blocking cross-point switch for digital signals with up to 32-ports of connectivity. The OMX chassis can be populated with either a high speed optical blade up to 4.25 Gbps per port (OMX-SFP-B ) or our 10/100/1000 copper Ethernet blade (OMX-ETH-B). The OMX-32 is a physical layer switch, i.e., the protocol or structure of data routed through the switch is ignored and is unaltered by its passage through the switch.

Each OMX-SFP-B Optical Port Card holds up to 16 Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) transceiver modules. Each SFP transceiver module provides the physical ports for one input and one output. Any of the 32 outputs can be connected to any one of its 32 inputs. Each port input provides an option of data retiming or bypass of retiming. While the cross-point switch itself can operate from 0 Mbps to 4.25 Gbps, different types of SFP transceiver modules impose different limitations on the range of data rates or the data format they will pass.

The OMX-32 has the following main functions:
  • Enables cross-connection between copper and optical cables providing easy-to-use point-to-point, multicast and loop connectivity
  • Useful as a media converter for multimode to singlemode, or vice versa, fiber conversion
  • All ports are fully bI-directional, offering flexibility in determining where to connect computers, cameras and other video sources to HD displays
  • Includes both a web interface as well as a comprehensive CLI (command line interface) for control and monitoring
  • Scripting Libraries containing functions used for common applications quickly automate and streamline operations
The OMX-32 is housed in a 2RU (88.9mm) enclosure for stand-alone operation on a tabletop or in a 19-inch rack. The enclosure includes an AC power connector, power switch, power on indicator and mounting ears, along with a built-in power supply and cooling fans.
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