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AudioScience, Inc.
4x4 AES/EBU CobraNet® Interface
Hono CobraNet 4.4D
4x4 AES/EBU CobraNet® Interface

Hono CobraNet Fixed


Hono CobraNet 16.0M

16x0 Mic/Line CobraNet® Interface

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Hono CobraNet 16.0M is a CobraNet interface designed for use in the professional installed sound market. This device receives up to 16 channels of CobraNet and sends them to 16 balanced analog audio outputs. Hono CobraNet 16.0M has been purposely designed to compliment and fully integrate with all of today’s CobraNet compatible DSP products. In addition, this is the ideal solution for many situations where a project requires numerous channels of digital audio routed throughout a facility, but does not require a dedicated DSP processor.
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