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Miranda Technologies, Inc. - DCP-1721

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CONTOUR 60X60 HCMW -- Contour Electrol - Square - High Contrast Matte White - 60 x 60


Digital Audio Control Probe

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The DCP-1721 is a non-intrusive probe for the quality control of AES-3id or AES3 digital audio. The DCP-1721 probe integrates multiple advanced features for monitoring audio signals. It offers complete real-time measurement and analysis of all relevant signal parameters as well as flexible alarm thresholds and user-defined profiles. In addition -- the DCP-1721 probe functions as a distribution amplifier with a non-intrusive AES-3id or AES3 looped single input and three outputs. Used in conjunction with Mirandas iControl -- the DCP-1721 allows users to hear the signals they are monitoring. The probe generates real-time audio level meters and streamed audio for transmission over IP networks. The probe generates alarms and provides telemetry information which is automatically logged for reports. As part of the Miranda Densite Series -- the probe can be used along with a wide variety of interfaces and distribution amplifiers and allows users to benefit from extensive flexibility and ease of use so unique to the Densite platform. This card operates with the MSB-1121 Monitoring Switching Bridge which allows the output of any module in the Densite frame to be monitored. Multiple MSB equipped frames may be cascaded to form a large monitoring bus eliminating the need for dedicated monitoring routers.
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