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Who is AMX?
More often than not, the first time someone discovers AMX, they learn that we are a manufacturer of solutions that make technology simpler to use. But typically the next question they ask is: "but, WHO is AMX?" That's a fair question because we're not a credit card company, we're not a telecom company & we're certainly not a 70s-era muscle car. So we asked AMX employees from across the globe t
What's new at AMX
Vision2 Application Software Version 7.2.2 - Features
Video posted on 26-Apr-12
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AMX Vision2 Application Software, Version 7.2.2, is now available and offers several enhancements including a thumbnail editor and viewer to create bookmarks containing a thumbnail image with a description plus alphabetization for the contents of the video archive to make it easier to browse and find videos.
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