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Premier Mounts is a recognized leader in the design of best in class, AV mounting solutions with 700 stock products, with in-house U.S. engineering and manufacturing capabilities. The Engineering Services Group conducts site surveys to uncover challenges, solve problems, and deliver innovative solutions that best fit a project and deliver the lowest TCO from single units to multi-site roll-outs.

Model: FSXA-2X2-TWA
This 2x2 front service mounting solution supports (4) Leyard TWA Series LED tiles and provides up to 25" of smooth forward extension.
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Premier Mounts Announces Christie Micro Tile™ Mount System
Posted on Friday, February 10, 2012

 ANAHEIM, CALIF. (February 10, 2012) -- Premier Mounts (, a leading manufacturer of A/V mounts, carts, stands and accessories is pleased to announce a Mounting System for Christie Micro Tile™, intended to be the industry’s quickest installation of Christie Micro Tiles™. This innovative design for the modular mounts reduces the amount of components, bringing down cost and allowing for flexibility and ease of installation.

The simply designed MTM mounting system overcomes pitfalls such as expense, weight, and complication due to its minimal, yet effective key components. The MTM stands as a unique system, modular in design, and allows any configuration to be installed using various sized wall brackets to configure the desired layout. The system is able to install on multiple surfaces and can tilt to various angles with custom angled wall brackets.
“Having a modular mounting system provides a solution for architectural designers to layout any configuration they can dream of and provides that perfect low cost solution for your visual media,” says Rich Pierro, Director of Manufacturing at Premier Mounts.  "We can now work with architects and designers to be the full system provider from mounts to decorative bezels and anything else needed."
Patent-pending floating wall adjustment brackets are the foundation to this mounting system as they create a perfectly flat and plumb surface to begin the easy installation process. For weight and cost consideration, the multi-tile mounts allow three Micro Tiles™ to be pre-installed directly to the mounting base then raised onto the wall brackets. Hooks on the back of the mounts grasp precisely onto the wall brackets and require no fine tune adjustments. Three additional Micro Tiles™ can then be installed atop the mounted row by bolting them into place.