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Black Box - LES2702A-WL


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Black Box
DB9 Female Ribbon Cable Connector, Single-Pack
DB9 Female Ribbon Cable Connector, Single-Pack


Dual-Port Wireless Device Server

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  • Simplifies connectivity where cabling is unavailable or prohibited.
  • Two DB9 DTE serial ports support RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 communications.

    Go wireless.
    Want untethered communication with serial equipment? You have it with the Dual-Port Wireless Device Server from Black Box. With this little box, you can quickly connect two serial devices to an 802.11b wireless network. Create ad hoc networks with servers connected to serial equipment. Or use the server to connect serial equipment to your existing Ethernet network via an access point.

    The server works with all types of serial equipment, such as PCs, Point of Sale (POS) equipment, audio/visual equipment, cameras, and more.

    Simplified connectivity.
    By merging wireless communications and device server technology, this box simplifies connectivity in areas where cabling is prohibited or where mobility is required.

    Because the server is transparent to your serial devices, it doesn't change the way you work. The box simply becomes a conduit between you and your devices over the network or the Internet. It encapsulates serial data into packets and transports it over wireless networks.

    Easy management.
    To enable access to a local network or the Internet, the server integrates a TCP/IP stack and OS. It even includes a built-in Web server, which can be used for configuration or to display operating and troubleshooting information.

    The server can even replace dedicated modems because it accepts AT modem commands on the serial port and establishes a network connection to the end device.

    Quick setup.
    Set up the server locally through the serial port, or remotely over a network using the included software or a Web browser. Flash memory enables future software upgrades.
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