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Middle Atlantic Products - SC-1427-1217BK-S Convective Series(TM)


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Middle Atlantic Products
Granite gray console with 28 total rackspaces and 60-degree sloped upper bay
Granite gray console with 28 total rackspaces and 60-degree sloped upper bay

Convective Series(TM)



Black convective console with 23 total rackspaces, 17-degree sloped upper bay and slide-out rotating equipment bay

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The modular design of Convective Series(TM) consoles allows for limitless configurations. The combinations of base modules, top tiers, corner wedges and writing surface options allow designs that suit any requirements and assemble in 1/3 of the time of knock-down consoles. When choosing passive, convective cooling, it is easy to select the configuration that will meet the needs of each project. The unique lift off, slide out and rotating equipment rack provides convenient rear access to equipment connections, includes lacer bars for cable management and is factory installed.
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