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High Power Dual 18-Inch Subwoofer

Distributed Design



6.5-inch pendant loudspeaker

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The Distributed Design DP6 is a high performance 6.5-inch pendant loudspeaker designed for open architecture spaces or any location where a stylish pendant form factor is desired. Featuring high power handling, high sensitivity and realistic sound reproduction, the DP6 can be used in a wide variety of speech and music applications. It is equipped with a built-in autoformer, allowing the full loudspeaker output to be realized with 70V or 100V distribution lines. Uniform voicing means that the DP6 can be combined with other ceiling and surface mount models in the Distributed Design Series without compromising consistency from zone to zone. The genuine coaxial design uses separate magnets for the LF and HF drivers for reduced distortion and industry-leading sensitivity, thereby permitting 3 dB to 6 dB greater output level while requiring half the amplification power of competing products. The proprietary Tru-Phase™ waveguide and perfectly centered driver produce a consistently wide conical polar response up to 16 kHz. Community’s patented Carbon Ring Cone Technology™ increases the effective cone area to further reduce distortion while reinforcing the cone for improved durability. An easy-access selector switch is conveniently located on the face of the loudspeaker for selectable 8 ohm or 70V/100V operation, while an integrated rear cover hides all wiring and hanging hardware for an aesthetically pleasing installation. Two 15-foot (4.5m) long 2mm (0.77”) high tensile galvanized steel wire rope suspension cables with integrated spring clips for attaching the cable to the enclosure are included, along with Gripple™ brand adjustable height cable fasteners. Optional accessories include 30ft (9.1m) and 50ft (15.2m) hang kits, a replacement Gripple™ speed clamp and trimmable 14ft (4.3m) decorative split loom tubing. The powerful and versatile Distributed Design DP6 provides high quality paging and musical performance suitable for retail environments, restaurants, resorts, and numerous other applications where the importance of sonic quality cannot be ignored.
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