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Vaddio ProductionVIEW HD Operation
Vaddio ProductionVIEW HD Operation
The ProductionVIEW HD incorporates seamless video switching, camera preset control and joystick camera control functionality into one of the most fully featured video consoles on the market today. The ProductionVIEW HD control surface is laid out to allow even a novice to operate the system with minimal training.
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Vaddio ClearVIEW HD-19 Camera Awarded Best Video Product at WFX 2011

Article posted on Nov 16, 2011

WFX awarded Vaddio “Best Video Product for Video Camera/Camcorder” for the ClearVIEW HD-19 HD PTZ camera at this year’s WFX show in Dallas. The New Product Technology Awards are presented by Church Production Magazine, Worship Facilities Magazine and Worship Facility Designer. They are the most comprehensive Audio, Video, Lighting and New Media product awards in the house of worship market. Winners are determined by Worship Facilities and Church Production Magazine editors, distinguished members of the WFX Advisory Board and WFX Management.

“The HD-19 is the ideal solution for transitioning from legacy standard definition to current high definition technology,” explained Tom Mingo, VP of Sales for Vaddio. “Our ClearVIEW HD-19, combined with our CCU (Camera Control Unit), allows users to paint and shade multiple cameras for a more professional look.”

The ClearVIEW HD-19 comes equipped with a 19x optical zoom lens and is built around a 1.3 megapixel, 1/3rd-type Sony Exmor high-speed, low noise CMOS sensor. Integrated SmartSHOT technology with AIP (Adjustable Image Processing) provides end-user control of advanced imaging DSP functions. AIP, which includes auto white balance, auto iris and automatic gain control, are typically set at the factory and cannot be changed by the end-user. With Vaddio’s SmartSHOT technology the user can set the DSP to the value they need for a specific venue and not some predetermined value set for a perfect room. Ultimately, the DSP functions allow the camera operator the ability to deliver an extremely crisp detailed image with vibrant high definition color in any environment.

For more information on any of Vaddio’s award-winning products or the complete line of cameras and camera systems please contact Kelly Perkins at (763) 971-4409 or by email at

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