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LG Smart TV with webOS™ - Live Menu 2014
Live Menu is a convenient feature built into LG Smart TV with webOS™ that allows you to search for movies, TV shows and more, while you’re still watching Live TV. You need to complete the Smart Setup on your LG Smart TV with webOS™ for this feature to work, and we cover that in another video, so check it out first if you still need to. Watch for more details!
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LG Commercial Displays
2000 Millbrook Dr.
Lincolnshire, IL 60069
Manufacturer of LCD, LED and Plasma display technologies. A strong emphasis within Schools, Boardrooms, applications for Public Displays where displays are required. A developer of HD technology LG and the Zenith brand are a team of quality products for today's display needs.
Zero Client TERA2 V Series Box Type
Zero Client TERA2 V Series Box Type
by LG Electronics, U.S.A
Model: CBV42-B
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