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Polycom - Support for Telepresence Interoperability (TIP) Across the Polycom RealPresence Platform
Polycom - Support for Telepresence Interoperability (TIP) Across the Polycom RealPresence Platform
Polycom, Inc.
Polycom RealPresence Platform software update connects non-standard TIP TelePresence Systems to standards-based video systems, extends interoperability across UC environments

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Polycom, Inc.
Daisy-chainable Expansion Module
VVX Expansion Module
Daisy-chainable Expansion Module

RMX 4000

Multipoint Conference Platform

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Delivering the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership and Fastest ROI of any Conference Platform. The Polycom RMX 4000 (RMX 4000) multipoint conference platform enables individuals and groups to collaborate anytime from anywhere with incredible scale. From teams in immersive telepresence suites to individuals calling from mobile devices, the RMX 4000 platform joins more people in life-like conversations than any other conference platform. The premier platform in the Polycom RMX series, the RMX 4000 platform natively supports users across multiple network types to extend the power of unified collaboration within, and beyond, the enterprise. Leveraging the H.264 High Profile standard to deliver high definition video at up to half the bandwidth of competitive offerings, the RMX 4000 platform increases video capacities up to 50 percent while delivering the industry's lowest TCO and highest ROI. Efficient delivery of conferencing services for all types of users, over mixed networks, is central to the RMX 4000 design. Extended conference infrastructure deployments benefit from pairing the RMX 4000 (and all RMX solutions) with the Polycom Distributed Media Application (DMA) 7000, a highly-resilient network application that load-balances media resources from multiple RMX platforms to deliver a single point of administration and unmatched conferencing redundancy and scale, including capabilities such as automatic failover, centralized reporting, provisioning, and system support. Easily Managed, with Life-Like User Experiences the Polycom RMX 4000 platform benefits IT departments and end-users alike by delivering ease of use and sustained real-time collaboration sessions. Dynamically allocating resources for peak efficiency regardless of call type, users collaborate in real-time with crisp imagery and latency-free audio, with the RMX 4000 platform supporting symmetric 1080p and Polycom Lost Packet Recovery (Polycom LPR), an exclusive solution that helps ensure high-quality experiences even across congested networks. An intuitive and secure Web-based interface delivers administrative ease for both real-time and ongoing conference management capabilities, while the RMX 4000 platform's intelligent architecture facilitates superior performance, scale, and cost-effective integration of IP (H.323 and SIP), VoIP, PSTN and ISDN conferencing services.
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