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Kramer Electronics USA, Inc. - FC-54P
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4-port Multi-function Serial/IR and GPIO/Relay PoE Control Gateway

Model: FC-54P
Part #: 30-804300190
  • 2 Serial/IR multi-function ports
  • 2 GPIO/Relay multi-function ports
  • Up to 40 IP clients
  • Power over Ethernet
  • USB-based powering
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FC-54P is a multi-function PoE control gateway, capable of plug and play deployment over a customer Ethernet LAN for GPI/O, relay, IR and serial control of customer devices. Multiple control clients can be IP-connected to the FC−54P control gateway for concurrent control of devices such as projectors, displays, DVD players, lights, shades and screens.

Dual-Function I/O Ports - Remote IP-based control of any device connected to the control gateway I/O ports, with selectable port configuration to bidirectional RS-232, IR, GPI/O or relay control. Each port is adaptable for any room device control simply by setting a DIP-switch.

Multiple IP Connected Clients - Remotely connected over customer Ethernet network, concurrently controlling any devices connected to control gateway universal I/O ports.

Easy and Reliable Installation - With single PoE cable for both, powering and connectivity, and Plug and Play IP installation with dynamic (DHCP) address resolution and auto device discovery over customer LAN. Highly-resilient powering with multiple power options - USB, Power over Ethernet per IEEE 802.3af standard, and optional PSU (not included). Compact, designed for piggy-back installation, such as behind a TV or display, with the ability to draw power from device USB port and Ethernet connectivity.

Remote Management - Built-in web UI for remote browser-based management and support, by multiple IP-clients over customer LAN. Easy firmware upgrades, either remotely via customer LAN, or locally via device USB port.

  • 2 Serial/IR multi-function ports
  • 2 GPIO/Relay multi-function ports
  • Up to 40 IP clients
  • Power over Ethernet
  • USB-based powering
  • Built-in management web UI
  • Size - MegaTOOLS® - Mount 2 units side-by-side in a 1U rack space with the optional RK-T2B rack adapter
  • Applications:
  • Remote IP control of RS232 and IR controlled devices
  • K-Control multi-clients IP room control
  • LAN based expansion of K-Config control system

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