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"One of the most time-consuming aspects to managing a web site is ensuring all information is correct and up to date. Our marketing team struggled for years getting timely, valid and complete information from our suppliers, often having to rely on adjusted data from other overseas markets. Since integrating AV-IQ into our website, our customers are engaging with our website more, we have saved over 100 hours in marketing effort, and we have increased our lead generation from the site."

Daniel Baldwin
Insight Systems

"AV-iQ was highly-responsive to our needs, allowing us to positively impact the customer experience and match AVI-SPL processes. Partnering with AV-iQ and utilizing its custom catalog on our newly-designed website has created a huge benefit for our new website's visitors."

Kelly Bousman
Senior VP of Marketing

"I will say that there is nothing that you didn't improve in the user experience. It is very easy to navigate, search and find all from the same place. Also, I like the color blocking. It makes it easier to see features in my opinion. Overall, nice improvements!"

David Little
Marketing Consultant for Keywest Technology, Inc.

"Contemporary Research has partnered AV-iQ for many years and has always felt it was a valuable tool. We are thrilled with the new website and feel it is much easier to navigate and search for our products. As a leading AV manufacturer, are excited to see a strong commitment from New Bay to create a tool that is easy for integrators and end-users to utilize and thrilled www.AV-iQ.com showcases all manufacturers in a fair and consistent manner."

Christy Ricketts
VP Operations & Marketing
Contemporary Research Corporation

"I would say AV-iQ is the Lexus Nexus™ of the AV industry - you can search for products, pricing and solutions - really anything. Its data is invaluable. "

Kelly Perkins
Marketing and Communications Manager
AVI Systems

New sales tool raises Spectrum's IQ

"AV-iQ is a superior program that ties together all aspects of a project. From product information and links to Spectrum's website and our local resellers and integrators, AV-iQ is a great way to bring potential buyers to our products."

Scott Dorn
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Spectrum Industries

Pathway to data on manufacturers dealer/designer micro–sites

"This is important!
Whatever you do, we (as Integrators) need to be able to extract or download the data you are proposing to consolidate by manufacturer into our own systems."

Jeff Stoebner
CEO AVI Systems

Product research and selection:

"The "My iQ" initiative is an industry game changer. It will dramatically shorten and improve the product information supply chain provide instant bi–directional connection between manufacturers and their user groups and will create a new category of software tool developers to bring value to the entire supply chain. Costs will be reduced and wealth created for the entire industry."

Craig Janssen
Managing Director
Acoustic Dimensions


"This is a topic that I am very passionate about. I am in full support and will help in any way I can. I can offer the immediate block support of the PSNI organization as well.I believe there is no one single thing that Infocomm could facilitate for Technical Innovation more important than driving forward the standardization and electronic warehousing of "all" product information including pricing. Daily, weekly or even monthly updates would be the single biggest efficiency savings for our industry that we could achieve.It is so logical and shocking that many of our suppliers don's yet understand the added efficiencies for both dealers and themselves."

Mike Landrum
Technical Innovation

Tools for users

"These new tools from AV–iQ are really intuitive, simple and easy to use. They will significantly improve the quality of our product research and reduce the time it takes as well!"

Jeff Faber
President and CEO
Sharp's AV

"The "My iQ" initiative would be a great tool for integrators ike HB who would gain great benefit from it."

Dana Barron
HB Commmunications, Inc.

"iQ is an unmatched resource that saves us a tremendous amount of time when doing product research or locating a local provider"

Greg Bronson
Cornell University

"I think this is a great service! Instead of searching the web for hours looking for new products, you have put them all in one place to pick the products that interest you."

Sharon Whitley
CTS, Senior Project Manager
Virginia Commonwealth University

"This is fantastic! This is a great resource and provides a perfect conduit for keeping up with technology. Keep it coming."

Curt Burton
Communications Operations Specialist II

"I would like to take this opportunity to express many thanks to you for providing me such a wonderful service. Your report has been very helpful for my job."

David Wang,
EVEREST Display Inc.

Business Media Inc. - New Products newsletter well worth receiving

The New Products newsletter was well worth receiving! I have noticed several new products providing solid solutions in the integration field.

Doug Petschke CTS
Project Manager
Business Media Inc.

Crestron able to provide timely, accurate product info

Dear InfoComm iQ,
Crestron has been onboard with InfoComm iQ since its inception, and we've watched it develop into a powerful tool for ourselves and our dealers. Participating in iQ allows us to quickly and easily keep product content and news information up-to-date, instantly allowing us to deliver accurate and timely information to hundreds of [our] dealers' websites. InfoComm iQ gives our dealers a simple method of representing Crestron products on their websites. It gives Crestron the confidence [of] knowing that we are in control of what content, in terms of specifications and features, is being displayed to the public. At the same time, it allows our dealers to concentrate on branding what makes their company unique, rather than spending time keeping product content up-to-date.

With hundreds of pro-AV dealers implementing the InfoComm iQ database into their websites, our decision to continue to participate was a no-brainer. Now, we can concentrate on keeping our website up-to-date and be confident that our dealers are being served current, accurate information.

Vincent Bruno
Director of Marketing
Crestron Electronics, Inc.

Praise for iQ from Shoemaker Motion Picture Company

Dear Manufacturer,
I am writing to you in regards to InfoComm iQ catalog program. We utilize this efficient and comprehensive catalog on a daily account for up-to-date information. The product data as well as the general line reference catalog on our website plays an important role in our sales effort in getting useful information to our prospective customers. Further, the lead generation opportunities derived from the "Find a Resource" application gave Shoemaker unforeseen and unadvertised purchases and clients. We have determined through this that it is the only practical and affordable solution available to us to market your products in a catalog environment.

Thank you for your support of our efforts to increase the sales of your products.

Chris Rohn
Shoemaker Motion Picture Company, LLC.

Midtown Video requests manufacturer support for iQ

Dear Manufacturer,
If you have visited the Midtown Video website, you probably noticed that we subscribe to the InfoComm iQ catalog program. I am writing to tell you how critical your support of the program is to us. We have determined that it is the only practical and affordable solution available for marketing your products in a catalog environment. In fact, we are continuously closing business that originates from customer viewings of product data in the catalog.

Our ability to provide accurate and current product information is in your hands. The product data in that catalog as well as the data in the general line reference catalog on our web site plays an important role in our sales efforts every day. Additionally, the lead generation derived from the new "Find a Resource" functionality within the iQ Online catalogs allows us to benefit from InfoComm's investment as a part of their industry awareness campaign.

We all know how the web has impacted us. It has, in ten short years, grown to be the most significant, most widely used tool for research ever. The InfoComm iQ program is clearly the best solution available for both of us to capture the business opportunities it provides.

Kenn Miller, President
Midtown Video, Inc.
For more information contact sales@av-iq.com