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AV Case Study Results for Government and Military

3D (12)
Building Automation, evacuation (12)
Conferencing, telepresence, distance learning, tele-medicine (74)
Content production, post production (17)
Digital content management, distribution, streaming (68)
Digital Signage (43)
Large venue display, Image magnification, media walls (52)
Paging and communications (20)
Presentation, training (96)
Residential applications - theaters, security, control (5)
Security, Surveillance, evacuation (42)
Sound reinforcement - indoor & outdoor (41)
233 results
in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province CN
by Barco
In the city of the same name located just northwest of Hong Kong in China, the Guangzhou Metro has gone through plenty of changes in the last few years. 19 new rail lines will open by 2020 – inc...
in Kennesaw, GA US
by Digital Projection International
4 x Blended INSIGHT 4K Quad projectors at ISE 2016 When AV Stumpfl wanted to launch their upgraded ultra-high-performance server that delivers four streams of full 4K uncompressed content at 60hz p...
in Melbourne, FL
by Imagine Communications
The Advanced Media Center at Harris Corporation's headquarters in Melbourne, Florida, provides 24/7 control and monitoring of data and communications assets worldwide. Building on its traditional t...
in Stavanger, Norway
by projectiondesign
Industry-leading oil and gas industry visualization benefits from 3D projection Aker Solutions’ iPort in Stavanger, Norway, is an integrated operations centre for the offshore industry. It offers 3...
in New York City, NY US
by AmpliVox Sound Systems
PR OJECT S C O P E   The events of 9-11 raised awareness about the value of fire drills and the importance of safely getting out of a building in an emergency.  But as...
in Wellington, New Zealand
by Christie
Australian New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) Day falls on the 25th of April every year and it is a significant day for both Australia and New Zealand. It marks the anniversary of the The Battle of G...
in ,
by Christie
The Army Research Laboratory (ARL) at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland is now testing a unique virtual reality system to project realistic imagery of simulated combat environments. RAVE II™...
in Austin, TX
by Barco
Seeing the big “digital” picture When it came time to renovate its operations control center, Austin Energy wanted to make a smart investment in visualization technology to ensure reliable p...
in Boston, MA
by Barco
Boston is not only the birthplace of democracy and freedom, but also the origin of America’s mass transportation system. The Hub’s transit system is the oldest and fourth largest in the nation, trac...
in Morelos, Mexico
by Barco
Protecting Morelos’ citizens via enhanced situational awareness To protect its citizenry and commerce in light of a recent upsurge in criminal activity, the state government of Morelos, Mexic...
in Long Beach, CA
by BIAMP Systems
SITUATION Constructed more than 55 years ago, the previous courthouse had become one of the most outdated and hazardous courthouses in the country. Plagued with faulty amenities and deemed seismic...
in Canberra, Australia
by BIAMP Systems
SITUATION Bring the High Court of Australia's satellite courtroom in Sydney up to speed with its main seat of justice in Canberra. Deliver clear, comfortable audio that commands attention in the...