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Califone Titanium Headphone & Headset Cord Removal
•5-pin cord configuration •To wash, first remove cord •Insert flathead screwdriver into earcup slot •Gently push cord into headphone to release pressure •Depress "hook" of the cord •Pull cord straight out, not at an angle
1145 Arroyo Ave #A
San Fernando, CA 91340
Califone manufactures a full line of portable and installed audio enhancement products for professional and educational applications. Its product lines include wireless PA systems, infrared audio systems, wired & wireless headphones & headsets, jackboxes, listening centers, and MP4 players and recorders. Our wireless amplification systems enable presenters to be heard and not just seen.
“Everyday Words 1” Card Program
“Everyday Words 1” Card Program
by Califone International, Inc.
Model: MCFEW1
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