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Overview The SignStick-2TM is a full Digital Signage Media Player that works with Discover Video DEVOS and related systems

Simple Just plug the SignStick-2 into a conventional TV display via HDMI. Power the unit from a USB port on the display or from the included USB power adapter. Using a web browser, login to the unit and set the DEVOS Digital Signage address, and you are done

Digital Signage DEVOS supports an unlimited number of Digital Signage displays, and with the SignStick-2, you can easily put a dynamic sign virtually anywhere. Put a sign in lobbies, hallways, common areas, lunch rooms, or anywhere people gather. You can even put a signage display outside of your local network and display your information at other buildings, even homes. 

Economical The SignStick-2 is inexpensive and overcomes potential compatibility issues with 3rd party devices.

Local Playback SignStick-2 can receive digital sign content from DEVOS. The downloaded content can be played locally without being connected to the IP network.

Streaming Like modern streaming players from Roku, Amazon, Apple, and others, the SignStick-2 plays your content via streaming from your DEVOS premises or cloud system

Organizations SignStick-2 can be used in K-12 schools, universities, retail stores, businesses, government buildings and sports venues. Each SignStick-2 can display its unique content.

HD/SD/Images/Web/RSS The system displays live and VoD HD and SD content, playlists, web pages, images, etc. under control of the DEVOS system

Manage You manage all signage directly from the DEVOS system. But if you wish to access the SignStick-2 directly it is very easy: Use the included Finder program and every SignStick-2 on your network will be listed, just click on one to manage it. SignStick-2 does not need a fixed IP address but you can assign one if desired.