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55" Professional Display for Video Walls with 700cd/

Model: TH-55LFV60U
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The Failover and Failback Functions

The LFV60U Series is equipped with a variety of signal input terminals - two HDMI, DVI-D and USB. If the main video and audio signals are interrupted, the system immediately switches to alternative signals. This makes it ideal for mission critical control rooms and surveillance centers.
When the signals are interrupted in a conventional display, the display image simply remains blank. The Failover and Failback functions immediately switch signals when the video signal is interrupted so the image continues uninterrupted.

Multi-Screen Imaging Syncing via USB and Changing Content via LAN

The LFV60U Series can be quickly adapted for digital signage—just connect USB memory devices to inputs on each display in 2 x 2 multi-screen configuration for automatically synchronized 4K (4 x 1080p) images. No external devices or processors are required. This function also serves as a backup in case the primary video source fails. By using Multi Monitoring & Control Software, it’s possible to easily replace content stored on USB via LAN, perfect in situations where the display is difficult to access.

Dedicated Video-Wall Mounting System

Our optional Installation Mount (TY-VK55LV1) makes setting up a spectacular video-wall installation comparatively quick and painless. As well as saving time and reducing labor cost, the rigid mount also eliminates potential panel surface alignment inconsistencies with the use of an automatic magnet system. The LFV60U Series also features optional cover frames for extra protection against impact.