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N8001 Video Over IP Control Solution

Series: SVSi N8000
Model: N8001
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SVSi’s N-Command N8000 Series provides intuitive and powerful management of video over IP equipment configuration, content management, NVR recording and playback, bandwidth utilization, and matrix switching. The N8000 Series allows configuration control for each SVSi component: turn audio and video on/off, adjust variable bit-rates for each video streams, set IP addresses. Users have the ability to switch between live video stream and locally-stored LocalPlay, HostPlay or EMCast content. Emergency and timely informational messages (including audio content) can be instantaneously transmitted to all of the displays connected via the SVSi network. Edit, download, upload, activate and batch control the LocalPlay and HostPlay images and switch any display from one video stream to another effortlessly! End-users can also employ Crestron, AMX, Utelogy, Savant, or any third-party control system. SVSi works with them all!