Tidebreak, Inc.

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P.O. Box 855
Palo Alto, CA 94302
Tidebreak is a global leader for interactive workplace technologies that accelerate team performance in enterprise and academic settings. Tidebreak's TeamSpot software helps groups explore ideas, collaborate, and combine digital information in co-located or distributed contexts; it is the digital infrastructure fueling innovation. A powerful tool on its own, TeamSpot also enhances videoconferencin
Sho-Q Seminar Planner and Presention Management Software
Sho-Q Seminar Planner and Presention Management Software
by Intelligent Lecterns Systems BV
Model: Sho-Q Presenter
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Tidebreak, Inc. - ClassSpot
by Tidebreak, Inc.
Model: ClassSpot
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Tidebreak, Inc. - TideScope Analytics
by Tidebreak, Inc.
Model: TideScope Analytics
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