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AV Case Study Results for Retail

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137 results

30-Screen Showroom Goes Wireless with ‘White Space’ Broadcasting

Location: Auburn Hills, MI
Company: Peerless-AV
Description: As Michigan’s Gardner-White Furniture prepared to open its ninth and largest store in 2012, managers faced a digital signage dilemma. They wanted to deliver pre-recorded content to 30 TV screens throu...

73 East Lake Street

Location: Chicago, IL
Company: Planar Systems, Inc.

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In the luxury apartment rental arena in the Chicago area, com...

A Match Made In Heaven

Location: Penrith, Cumbria United Kingdom
Company: tvONE
Description: Soccer Circus and TV One’s C2-7100 combine to make the perfect team!

Soccer Circus is the world’s first ever participative football themed attraction consisting of various interactive an...

A Video Wall To Attract Business

Location: Toronto, ON Canada
Company: Chief
Description: Challenge
Royal Meats Barbecue of Toronto added a new bar section to the restaurant. Floor to ceiling windows on the street side of the bar provided a great opportunity to grab attention f...

Activision® uses LifeSize® HD video to accelerate game development

Location: Santa Monica, CA
Company: LifeSize
Description: Activision, publisher of popular video games like Guitar Hero®, Call of Duty® 4 and Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground, uses HD video to link international developers creating next-generation games, reduce...


Location: Los Angeles, CA
Company: Shure Incorporated
Description: In recording basic tracks for the 14th Aerosmith album, scheduled for release in April 2012, producer Jack Douglas makes no bones about his policy of using the best microphone for each application, re...

Alcorn McBride’s DVM-8500 Digital Video Machine HD Drives Content To Juicy Couture Stores’ New Digital Signage

Location: Orlando,
Company: Alcorn McBride Inc.
Description: Alcorn McBride has cemented its relationship with the Fifth & Pacific Companies, Inc. clothing brands (Kate Spade, Juicy Couture, Lucky) with usage of its new DVM8500/SYSD High Frame Rate Digital Vide...

Allagash Brewery

Location: Portland, ME
Company: Listen Technologies Corp.
Description: When Allagash Brewing Company decided to expand their original space it was great for business growth but left them with a particular problem in regards to their onsite visitors. Their guided tours...


Location: Czech, Czech Republic
Company: Atlona Technologies
Description: Tesco Stores CR a.s., have been established in both the Czech and Slovak market since 1996. Tesco Stores currently operate in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic in a total of 226 shops, 32 petrol ...

Award-winning Digital Signage at New Nielsen Office Makes an Impression

Location: Wilton, CT
Company: Keywest Technology
Description: When The Nielsen Company wanted to add fresh, attention-demanding messaging to the lobby of its new corporate headquarters in Wilton, CT, Keywest Technology enterprise partner Verrex Corp., knew just ...

Bellco Federal Credit Union Digital Signage

Location: Denver, CO
Company: AVI-SPL
Description: Challenge

With locations throughout the Denver Metro area and 147,000 members, Bellco Federal Credit Union (FCU) needed a dynamic way to communicate competitive products and services to ...

Best Demo Ever: Truck Rolls Over $90,000 Titan Projector from DP

Location: Atlanta, GA
Company: Digital Projection International
Description: "Digital Projection created the 20,000-lumen Titan Super Quad digital projector—on display this week at ISE 2013—out of steel.

“Most of the others are made of plastic,” says Nick Cottiss, i...
137 results
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