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CB-224 Fan Kit

Series: Ceiling Box Accessories
Model: CB-224FAN
  • Fan kit for CB-224 ceiling box
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CB-224 series is a 2x2ft high capacity ceiling box designed to fit into a standard 2x2/2x4ft drop ceiling. It features a drop-down 4RU cage for easy installation and mounting of rack equipment. Cable guides for service loops are provided to allow the equipment to be connected in the down position and then slid up into place. The drop-down cage features pneumatic assistance to counter some of the weight of the equipment installed. The CB-224 has 6 AC outlets in the box and 1 in the room. A master power switch is accessible from the room. The P-option adds an adapter for projector pole mounting. This allows cabling to pass from inside the ceiling box, down the pole and to the projector, providing a nice clean installation. The S-option adds cooling fans and the smart power module. This module allows the power in the box to be either remotely controlled or switched based on the current draw of specific outlets. In this energy saving mode, the power in the box is switched on and off automatically with the projector to conserve power. The CB-224RKRL optional rack rail hardware kit adds two additional rack spaces at the rear of the CB-224 cage for cable management and mounting of accessories.
  • Fan kit for CB-224 ceiling box