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1-channel 50W/70V Modular Power Amplifier

Model: AMP-150-70
  • ENERGY STAR® certified power amplifier
  • Ultra-efficient space-saving design
  • Quarter-width, 1RU form factor
  • Surface or rack mountable
  • Gangable with other Crestron® modular amps
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Provides a professional amplifier solution for commercial applications that saves energy, space, and money. Unique modular design is super easy to configure and ships with everything required to enable surface mounting, rack mounting, and ganging multiple units together.

Finally, a space saving, energy efficient, commercial grade, professional performance amplifier solution that’s totally configurable yet remarkably straightforward. Whether you need a single-channel amp that mounts on a wall or under a table, or a multichannel rack mount amp with multiple output types and power levels, Crestron® modular amps are astoundingly simple to specify and install in any configuration you require.

All-Inclusive Modular Design
Crestron modular amplifiers are offered in a range of output power levels, with single and dual-channel models available, and with options to address either Lo-Z (4/8-ohm) or Hi-Z (70 or 100 Volt) speaker types. (AMP-150 models support Hi-Z only.) Each model is housed in either a quarter- or half-width rack-mountable form factor that can be installed individually or ganged together in a single rack space. (AMP-150 models are quarter-width.) Every model ships complete with all the hardware required for installation of the unit by itself or in combination with any other unit(s). Rack and surface mount kits are included, so there are no other mounting accessories or rack shelves to purchase.

Whether mounting in a rack, attaching to a flat surface, or simply placing on a shelf, it’s easy to combine multiple units into a single assembly. Just remove a couple of screws, slide the side panel off and attach it to the next unit, slide the two units together, and reinstall the screws. The complete multichannel amp assembly is sturdy and solid, with the look of a full-space unit. Attach the appropriate sized rack ears or surface brackets and it’s ready to mount.
  • ENERGY STAR® certified power amplifier
  • Ultra-efficient space-saving design
  • Quarter-width, 1RU form factor
  • Surface or rack mountable
  • Gangable with other Crestron® modular amps
  • All mounting and ganging hardware included
  • High-density stackable
  • Convection cooling - no mechanical fans
  • Comprehensive fault and speaker protection
  • Clip limiter
  • Low noise, low distortion, high headroom
  • Low power consumption
  • Automatic low-power standby
  • Balanced and unbalanced inputs
  • Detachable terminal blocks for easy servicing
  • Front panel level adjustment with tamper-preventive magnetic cover
  • Front panel power/standby, fault, and signal/clip indicators
  • Internal universal 100-240V power supply
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