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NPAC Rackmount Networkable Power Automation Control System

Series: NPAC
Model: NPAC
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NPAC Multi-Circuit Rack Mount Networkable Power Automation Control

By managing audio, visual and light from a single power automation system, NPAC brings unrivaled flexibility and unlimited sequencing and delay options to wherever there is pro AVL.  NPAC’s profile is sleek; its installation is plug-and-go. From its built-in web server to its browser interface, there’s nothing like NPAC for syncing pro-level digital components from any manufacturer in any venue.

Requires 2 rack units, just 3.5 inches

Connect up to 10 NPACs together and manage as a single system

Fully self-contained for plug and go set up

Set sequence order and step rate from a fraction to 999 seconds per circuit

Each unit handles up to 4 20A circuits (80A total) in one 2RU enclosure

Control outlets individually or configure up to 12 zones

Each zone can be controlled by a different protocol

No electrician required for installation

Set up, monitor and control from any internet-connected smart device

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