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Leightronix, Inc. - UltraNEXUS™


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Leightronix, Inc.
PEG Central Web Media Hosting and Streaming Video-on-Demand Service
PEG Central®
PEG Central Web Media Hosting and Streaming Video-on-Demand Service


UltraNEXUS Video Server & Television Automation Controller

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NEW! ADVANCED SLIDE EDITOR. Create impacting video slides using your browser. The advanced slide editor provides you the power of a professional graphics application, combined with resources including slide backgrounds, icons, and templates. With the UltraNEXUS at your command, you can schedule 100% unattended digital media playback on your broadcast, local cable, or in-house television channels. Both easy and powerful, the UltraNEXUS allows you to quickly master the art of television automation, even for the most demanding applications. The included WinLGX management software accommodates mixed media resources (MPEG, videotape, DVD, video slides) in a drag and drop scheduling format. From one program screen, control multiple channels of video playback and recording. When you need to put your programming on the Web, the often tedious first step involves converting your broadcast resolution programming to Internet-ready digital media. The UltraNEXUS streamlines this process by automatically creating a secondary digital media file optimized for streaming, every time you record! Broadcast files are stored on the UltraNEXUS local media storage, while the secondary media files are automatically transferred to PEG Central, the low-cost, Web media hosting and streaming video-on-demand service from LEIGHTRONIX.
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