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QSC Audio Products, Inc. - SC-443 DCS


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Da-Lite Screen Company LLC
ADV DLX TNSD 133D DMHC 220 -- Tensioned Advantage Deluxe Electrol - HDTV (16:9) - High Contrast Da-Mat - 65 x 116 - 220V Motor; Box Only
ADV DLX TNSD 133D DMHC 220 -- Tensioned Advantage Deluxe Electrol - HDTV (16:9) - High Contrast Da-Mat - 65 x 116 - 220V Motor; Box Only




4x 15-inch 3-way High Power Cinema Screen Channel Loudspeaker System

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SC-443 is three-way, selectable bi or tri-amplified screen channel loudspeaker system comprised of three main units the MH-1075 high-frequency system and dual LF-4215 low-frequency systems. MH-1075 mid-high system features a high output, horn loaded 10-inch midrange cone driver and a 3-inch (75mm) titanium diaphragm compression driver mounted to an adjustable pan and tilt bracket. The MH-1075 includes a driver protection network and a passive crossover for bi-amp operation. Power limiter circuitry protects the high-frequency driver from overpowering. The MH-1075 provides extended frequency coverage for the critical midrange band. A high power 10-inch cone driver allows operation as low as 250Hz and the advanced phase plug coupling permits a crossover point of up to 1800Hz to the high-frequency horn. This ensures that most of the dialog range is reproduced by a single element, for unmatched intelligibility. LF-4215 dual 15-inch (381mm) low-frequency enclosures are designed specifically to address the extended low-frequency response required for cinema applications. The dual LF-4215s cover the frequency range from 35 to 250Hz. Close coupled woofers (CCW), with their tight spacing between woofers, improves coupling and keeps coverage angles wide over a greater frequency range than more widely spaced designs. SC-443 is designed for ease of installation. The MH-1075 components come pre-assembled to reduce field assembly time. Three bolts are all that are required to secure the MH-1075 to the top of the LF-4215 enclosure.
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