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Independent AV programmers

Organizations and individuals within this category of AV programmers focus specifically on the software and other criteria that are so important in the control aspects of an integrated audio visual solution. The control panel(s) is the primary human interface with all the technical functions of an AV system and getting it right is critical as with any sophisticated project. Experience, careful analysis, customer preferences and processes as well as expert knowledge all need to be brought to bear in this critical phase of any AV system. Not only does the control system need to work properly and efficiently but it needs to be intuitive as well.

With today’s technology it is frequently appropriate for AV programmers to design a solution that enables a room to accommodate multiple functions that will be managed by several users, and designing a single control solution that allows the users to manage those various activities seamlessly is no small challenge. The right solution can have unlimited numbers of default configurations for different uses and different users. Multiple screens can be designed within the solution depending on the use of the technology at that moment; buttons can appear and disappear, be arranged in different orders, serve different functions, change size and colour and a virtually infinite number of other possibilities. The right solution isn’t just glitzy and colorful; it is foremost easy to use and reliable. Consider the services of an Independent programmer the next time you don’t’ have a simple installation requirement.