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Mirror Managerensures no more lost pixels.

Series: Final image adjustment is easy
Model: Mirror Manager
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The Mirror Manager may be used as part of a Draper RPX Rear Projection System, Retro/QA, MultiScreen System, Projector Support Structure or anywhere a Draper first surface mirror is installed. With Mirror Manager, the final image adjustments are quick and easy. After you have adjusted all the larger controls: the projector, its platform, and mirror position, then Mirror Manager goes to work. Using its hand-operated knobs, you can quickly fine-tune the image to eliminate barrel and pincushion distortion and just to square up the corners. The mirror remains securely mounted in a black anodized extruded aluminum frame. Mirror Manager saves installation time and money-and improves the image-by actually bending the mirror in tiny, highly controlled increments. Use eight knobs around the perimeter to make the precise adjustment you need. Mirror Manager should be used only for those minor tweaks that look so easy and take so long without it. First surface mirrors are delicate and we recommend you use our Mirror Cleaning Kit. Contains cleaning solution, cotton gloves, lint-free cloth and instructions. Warranted for one year against defects in materials and workmanship.