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KSI Professional - 811-WM-HP
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125W Wall Mount Loudspeaker

Series: IV
Model: 811-WM-HP
  • Unbelievable Audio Performance
  • High Power Capacity
  • Wide and Even Dispersion
  • Ready to Install
  • Wall and Ceiling Mount
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The KSI 811-WM is a high performance wall mount loudspeaker designed for fast and easy mounting in drywall and other flat substrates. It is designed for retrofit applications in existing substrates, hence the absence of a backbox. The 811-WM offers smooth midrange and bass response through the use of our 8" cast frame bass-mid transducer. Mounting is fast and easy with our continuous compression clamps. After a cutout of 14" h x 9" w is made, fiberglass damping is added to the wall cavity to provide smoother frequency response. Simply wire the 811-WM, place it through the opening and tighten the clamps. Snap on the grille and you are finished! This fast installation procedure is ideal for facilities where down time is a paramount concern. All KSI ceiling and wall mount loudspeakers may be used in combination with the 811-WM, providing unlimited solutions for your audio environment. Finally, all KSI loudspeakers are completely assembled, saving you precious time and money for fast and easy installation. 8" transducer features a lightweight mica filled cone providing exceptional voice and music intelligibility. High frequencies are handled by our 25mm horn loaded dome tweeter. This high end transducer provides very smooth upper octave response for an "open" sound quality with wide dynamic range. Components in a crossover should not be heard, so KSI engineers designed a filter network using high tolerance devices which are inaudible at the crossover frequency. This careful attention to detail has led to a loudspeaker with outstanding clarity and coherence along with very wide frequency response and high power capacity.
  • Unbelievable Audio Performance
  • High Power Capacity
  • Wide and Even Dispersion
  • Ready to Install
  • Wall and Ceiling Mount
  • Grille Included
  • Perfect for Corporations, A-V Theaters & Surround Sound, Schools & Universities, Government Installations, Residential Installations
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