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Remote, enterprise-wide management of all ClickShare and wePresent units at your fingertips with XMS Cloud Management Platform
Posted on Friday, June 14, 2019
Barco, global leader in professional meeting room visualization and collaboration solutions, is launching the XMS Cloud Management Platform for enterprise-grade device management. This Cloud-based tool gives administrators the freedom to optimally manage a large fleet of ClickShare and wePresent units throughout the entire company from anywhere.

With the launch of two additional ClickShare family members, our portfolio of wireless collaboration solutions now covers every type of meeting room and brings the same, unique and seamless experience for meeting interactivity and collaboration to every huddle space, regular meeting room, collaboration room, board or conference room. For larger installs, the challenge is to easily maintain, manage and monitor devices, often distributed over a number of different buildings and locations.

The introduction of XMS Cloud Management Platform offers more, secure possibilities for the IT manager than the existing Collaboration Management Suite (CMGS): user-friendly, remote device management, a guaranteed straightforward user experience and useful analytics to drive the Digital Workplace. To access the XMS Cloud Management Platform, a cloud gateway needs to be installed in the company’s IT networks. Therefore we additionally launch the XMS Edge, a hardware appliance as single gateway to the Cloud and the XMS Virtual Edge, a free download.

Be in control, everywhere, from anywhere

With XMS Cloud Management Platform, IT managers are always in full control of all Base Units in the network. They can securely access and configure units, check their health status and update these with just a few clicks to the most recent firmware. Upgrading software does not mean meeting downtime, since the update can be scheduled after office hours. Notifications on the status of devices even optimize the maintenance and offer the chance for swift troubleshooting, even before meeting room users are aware of an issue. With access to the real-time information on all wireless collaboration devices, IT managers can make sure their users are always enjoying the greatest meeting experience throughout the entire enterprise. 

Track your return on investment

Driving the Digital Workplace can be boosted with the right data. XMS Cloud Management Platform provides a personalized report on availability and utilization of Base Units. Knowledge on user adoption of new tech and ROI of the collaboration experience in an enterprise helps to optimize the capacity of the workplace. A first set of analytics on meeting room usage needed for meeting room management will be available soon after launch.

Do and know more with XMS Cloud Management Platform

“Managing a fleet of ClickShare units now becomes as simple as sharing with ClickShare. We take enterprise-grade device management to the next level and fuel innovation with our Cloud-based solution.” explains Nicolas Viane,  Product Manager Director MX Cloud. “Migrating from the existing CMGS to the XMS Cloud Management Platform gives our customers all the benefits and the ease of mind of remote access. It provides additional product features and unique user insights via a clear visual dashboard.”  To facilitate the smooth transition, a simple upgrade step has been foreseen.