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Crestron Electronics, Inc. - CHV-THSTAT
Crestron Electronics, Inc. - CHV-THSTAT Crestron Electronics, Inc. - CHV-THSTAT
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Heating/Cooling and Humidity Thermostat

Series: Green Light
  • Available in Almond (CHV-THSTATA), Black (CHV-THSTATB) and White (CHV-THSTATW)
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The CHV-THSTAT is a stand-alone heating, cooling and relative humidity wall-mounted thermostat that provides temperature and humidity control and can be seamlessly integrated into a Crestron Home™ solution. The CHV-THSTAT, which does not require any software or programming, is capable of controlling one or two-stage heating and cooling systems. The CHV-THSTAT supports the addition of up to four remote temperature and humidity sensor inputs.The thermostat includes four front panel buttons along with an LCD display to provide indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity indication and control, current system status, current fan mode and more.
  • Available in Almond (CHV-THSTATA), Black (CHV-THSTATB) and White (CHV-THSTATW)

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