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How LED Walls are Modernizing Corporate Spaces

Article posted on Nov 4, 2019

Through modern-day technology, corporate office spaces have transformed from dull dreary spaces to open friendly environments. Embodying a digital transformation within a workplace can have far reaching implications. In today’s technologically driven world, LED walls can help create lasting impressions on both employees and consumers alike.

Walking into a lifeless office space can give off the impression of a company lacking innovation and growth. On the other hand, a breathable environment that supports new technologies can excite visitors while energizing employees.

LED walls can be the canvas used to artistically convey engaging content that resonates with consumers on a sensory level.

Why Use LED Walls?

A recent Forbes publication highlighted the fact that businesses have 7 seconds to make a first impression. LED walls can help accomplish this feat from the moment a visitor walks through the front doors.

LED wall displays help create an impression of professionalism, innovation, and technological advancement. Presenting an aesthetically pleasing environment with LED walls can amplify your office space by displaying brand images, creating immediate long-lasting appeal. Whether used for promotional purposes or displaying the company’s mission statement, the experience shared by both visitors and employees will positively impact business and improve workplace relations.

What Are LED Walls?

LED's directly generate an array of colors that emanate high-quality images using energy efficient technology. High-resolution LED walls are becoming the new standard in digital signage as the go-to technology for corporate office spaces.

LED Technology

The beauty of LED walls is their ability to blend seamlessly with walls using cabinet-free, ultra lightweight technology that can be molded to fit any shape or size. Several thin bezel displays are placed next to one another creating a seamless gap as one cohesive looking screen.

LED walls contain standout features such as:

  • Superior visual performance: bright, high-contrast, cinematic color
  • QuickMount system: easily mountable templates with machined wall anchors and laser-cut mounting sheets
  • Customizability: 1.25mm pixel pitch screens that can be shaped or molded into convex curves, 90 degree corners, or any type of shape imaginable
  • Cabinet free tiles: magnetic chassis, click-n-go tiles, and single PoE connection make setup and installation a breeze
  • Neighbor detection and AutoMatch: tiles automatically detect and self-locate using IR Neighbor Detection capability while the sensor-based Automatch™ matches color and brightness to achieve 97%+ uniformity across the display for the entire operational lifetime
  • MicroTiles LED WebUI: easy-to-use web-based control interfaces can be accessed from any connected device to give complete command of display setup, control, and management

Christie MicroTiles LED specifications include:

  • 1.25mm, 1.5mm pixel pitches
  • Greater than 5000:1 contrast ratio
  • 100,000 hrs lifespan
  • 4.22” diagonal
  • Flat, concave, convex, 90 degree outside and inside corners, hanging/flying capabilities
  • Up to 3840Hz refresh rate
  • 24/7 runtime
  • Lightweight at 4.85 lbs

With superior image quality, versatile customized solutions, and long-life performance, Christie’s digital signage solutions are second to none. LED walls create extraordinary, blur-free viewing experiences with bright, high-contrast visuals and cinema-quality color producing brilliant, true-to-life detail.

LED walls produce and emit light on their own unlike other digital signage technologies. The result is long-lasting, durable displays. LED displays can achieve “true black” resulting in an impactful visual experience unmatched by other screens. As image quality continues to improve, more corporate offices are using LED walls due to their seamless appearance and flexible integration.

How Corporate Offices are Using LED

Digital signage has quickly become the norm for businesses looking to broaden appeal while gaining a competitive edge. LED walls can be incorporated into office spaces creating an unmatched experience for visitors and personnel alike.

Improving Brand Awareness

Whether it be established corporations or fledgling start-ups, all companies want to put their brand on notice. One of the most direct ways LED walls can increase brand awareness is through promotional displays. Using this approach, consumers will feel engaged at a visual level through spirited imagery. Consumers are more likely to remember dynamic video content rather than static mediums such as pamphlets or posters.

The presentation doesn’t have to directly reflect ideals of the company. LED walls can display general information about weather, time, or current events happening in the world. LED walls can help corporate office spaces provide value to individuals regardless of content.

Wayfinding Displays

LED walls don’t have to simply be stationary screens for viewing. Interactive technology allows consumers to use screens according to their own unique preferences. Whether they are looking for product specifications, demos, or email signups—LED walls create a user-friendly interface allowing consumers to engage with brands at a personal level.

Large corporate office spaces can be difficult to navigate for visitors and new employees. A well-placed multi-touch LED wall can help guide guests to their appropriate destination by displaying business directories and three-dimensional maps.

LED walls allow visitors to reach their intended location quickly without the need for human assistance.

Experience the Christie Difference

Digital signage attracts far more consumers than traditional static mediums. No matter the industry, all corporate environments can benefit from LED walls as a means of effectively communicating with consumers and educating employees. Maintain a competitive edge by choosing a renowned trailblazer in visual technology.

As a worldwide leader in high-performance LED walls, Christie Digital helps set the standard for creating the most advanced projectors and system displays. Recognized as the most innovative visual technology company in the world, Christie helps capture the attention of audiences around the world through dynamic, vibrant imagery.

If you’d like to learn more about how Christie and Spinitar collaborate together to enhance office spaces, schedule a consultation.

How LED Walls are Modernizing Corporate Spaces