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AutoAuditorium System Automatic Editing Features
AutoAuditorium System Automatic Editing Features
Foveal Systems, LLC
With an AutoAuditorium System, there are no other operator controls.   And the presenter does not have to pay any attention to what the AutoAuditorium System is doing.  All the shot selections, video transitions, camera motion, focusing and zooming, are performed automatically.   The result is often indistinguishable from a program produced by a crew.
The AutoAuditorium System - The Role of Automatic Video Production in Distance Education

Video posted on 15-Apr-13

This unedited 11 minute video was made in 2002.

It is an example of lecture capture made by the AutoAuditorium™ System at IBM's Watson Research Center in Hawthorne NY.

Even then, AutoAuditorium did a lot.

All the camera work, video switching and effects are automatic, without human control.

The only control is the button that changes the projected slides.


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