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Extra Loud 2-buzzer System


BCD Input Option for AE Series Displays

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Converts BCD data from PLC's, BCD switches, or instruments to seven segment display information. 1111 through 0110 will display "0" through "9", respectively.

Other characters are:
0101 will display "A" 0010 will display "d"
0100 will display "b" 0001 will display "E"
0011 will display "C" 0000 will display "F"

Up to six, full parallel (non-strobed), negative true BCD digit inputs are available. Each input line has a 100K ohm input impedance, 28 VDC maximum. Bit values are negative true and are arranged 8, 4, 2, 1. Most models are provided with 2-foot, pigtail lead wires for power and for the BCD inputs. BCD pigtail lead wires consist of one, two, or three 10-conductor, 22 AWG cables. Each cable provides wiring for two digits. The display can be located up to 50 feet from the BCD source. For longer distances use the AE-489SWX BCD to Serial Converter.
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