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The 7660 can be fitted with Dolby E encoding & decoding options. The 7615 decoding option can be fed from either an AES input or an AES stream disembedded from the incoming SDI signal. The resulting discrete surround signals are then selectable as inputs to the sixteen channel mixer/shuffler.
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Do you need to take video feeds a long distance? Feed a camera to a projector and on to a screen at the other end of a large room? Deciding whether to upgrade from analog or SD to HD? Installing new HD gear and just found out you need HD TRI-LEVEL SYNC? See Ensemble Designs for EASY-TO-USE VIDEO HD up/down converters, fiber optic converters, sync pulse gens, and audio embedders.
AES/SD-SDI Disembedder
AES/SD-SDI Disembedder
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