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AKG Acoustics, U.S. - C 411

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Black Box
LockPORT CAT6 Key Locking Patch Cable, Black, 25-ft. (7.6-m)
LockPORT CAT6 Key Locking Patch Cable, Black, 25-ft. (7.6-m)

C 411

Ultra-light Condenser pickup Microphone, Cable with Lockable Miniature XLR Connector

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Weighing only 18 grams (0.6oz), this ultra-light condenser pickup is ideal for acoustic guitar, mandolin, violin, and most other stringed instruments. The C 411 will give a clear and uncolored sound without changing the balance of the instrument. Attaching the C 411 on or near the bridge or anywhere else on the instrument is easy with the included non-marring, reusable, solventfree adhesive compound. C 411 PP: For hardwire applications, with standard XLR connector for phantom powering. C 411 L: With mini XLR connector for use with B 29 L battery operated power supply, MPA V L external phantom power adapter, or AKG WMS bodypack transmitters.
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