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COSMO 70X70 HCMW -- Cosmopolitan Electrol - Square - High Contrast Matte White - 70 x 70 - Video Projector Interface; Silent Motor
COSMO 70X70 HCMW -- Cosmopolitan Electrol - Square - High Contrast Matte White - 70 x 70 - Video Projector Interface; Silent Motor

TV/CATV/FM Tuners / Receivers


Display Partner™

High Performance TV/CATV Tuner

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Pragmatic’s Display Partner™ is a professional quality, integrated high performance TV/CATV tuner, stereo preamplifier with multi-channel audio switcher and stereo power amplifier for plasma displays. It gives justice to plasma displays while providing a high performance audio preamplifier with a switcher.

The Display Partner™ bodes a high fidelity audio power amplifier that will compliment any plasma display. Pragmatic delivers all this power in one small and convenient rack mount unit. Not only is the Display Partner™ very simple to operate, highly reliable and easy to install, but it also delivers high quality audio and video at an affordable price.

Display Partner™ is the ideal choice for plasma monitors and high-end projection systems that access cable television or traditional master antenna systems. It finds applications in industrial and commercial installations including corporate boardrooms and training facilities.

The tuner receives all standard VHF/UHF broadcast frequencies and standard 99-channel cable TV frequencies. The multi-channel stereo switcher can accept up to two additional audio signals and has digital preamplifiers with computer-controlled volume, bass, treble and balance controls. It is also controllable through standard infrared remote controls. There are two 24 Watt high efficiency mono-block power amplifiers built-in to drive speakers. The unit has a front panel LCD to display tuned TV channels. Besides the front panel IR detector, an auxiliary IR input port is provided on the rear of the unit to connect remote IR sensors.

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