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4x4 HDMI over CATx/HDBaseT Cross-Point Matrix Switcher with Loopback

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3G HD-SDI JPEG 2000 Decoder

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EMCORE’s NVE-1-3G and NVD-1-3G are professional grade encoder/decoders that simplify the transmission of 3G HD-SDI / HD-SDI / SDI with optional Line-in/Line out, Mic-in/Mic-out audio and RS-232 serial data over IP. Distributing video, audio and data over an IP network can eliminate the need for video matrix switches.

JPEG 2000 lossless compression technology allows the system to transmit the highest quality video and audio over an IP network with ultra low latency (<50 ms). Since there is no visible loss of quality, this makes the NVE/NVD-1-3G suitable for use in mission critical applications such as braoadcast television, event productions, command and control centers, and healthcare AV systems. KVM applications are also supported using the USB HID interface.

The NVE-1-3G encoder accepts an uncompressed 3G HD-SDI video signal, slightly compresses it, then transmits via a dedicated IP network. The NVD-1-3G decoder receives the IP stream, decompresses it and outputs the original video to be displayed on the HD monitor. In addition to 3G HD-SDI, it can also accept HDMI video with embedded audio when paired with the NVE-1DVI encoder, so long as the video content is not encrypted, as well as DVI / VGA.

Encoders and decoders are supplied as stand-alone modules. They can also be mounted in a 19” 1RU rack enclosure side-by-side. The devices can be configured via a web server, CLI interface or over Telnet. A simple software interface allows direct activation of the devices by any control software.
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