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Kramer - EXT3-U-KIT

USB 2.0 PoC Extender Kit over Extended-Reach CAT

Model: EXT3-U-KIT

  • 4-port USB 2.0 100m (330ft) extender kit
  • Fast remote device charging
  • Two-way powering
  • Compact
  • Applications:
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Tech Specs

EXT3-U-KIT is a comprehensive, extended-reach CAT extender kit for USB 2.0, RS-232 and audio signals and 2-way powering over twisted pair. The PT-2UT transmitter converts the USB input signal into a CAT signal. The PT-2UR receiver converts the transmitted CAT signal into a USB signal.

Comprehensive USB Extender - Plug & play USB extender kit for providing extended-reach CAT signals and 2-way power over twisted pair copper infrastructures. A local USB host is auto-connected to remote-connected USB devices employing either interrupt, bulk or isochronous USB 2.0 standard data transfer communication.

Flexible USB Connectivity - Wide Variety of USB peripheral devices can be extended including cameras, touch screens, smart boards, hard drives, game controllers, audio devices, printers, scanners, or HID (Human Interface Devices) devices such as a mouse or keyboard. Dual role and OTG (On The Go ) devices such as smart phones and tablets, connected either to a transmitter-side USB host port or receiver-side USB device port, can communication with a remote host or peripheral pairing device.

Remote USB Charging - Fast USB charging of peripheral devices when the receiver is powered by a power supply, and standard USB charging when the receiver is powered by the transmitter via CAT.

Bidirectional RS-232 Extension - Serial interface data flows in both directions, allowing data transmission and device control.

Audio Extension - Send an audio signal from an audio source connected to the transmitter to an active audio playing device connected to the receiver.

Cost-Effective Maintenance - Status LED indicators facilitate easy local maintenance and troubleshooting.

Easy Installation - Single twisted-pair cable for signal and power wiring. Compact PicoTOOLS® fan-less enclosure for device-back mounting, or side-by-side mounting of 4 units in a 1U rack space with the recommended rack adapter.

  • 4-port USB 2.0 100m (330ft) extender kit
  • Fast remote device charging
  • Two-way powering
  • Compact
  • Applications:
  • Room camera and soundbar extension in conference and meeting rooms
  • Any hi-quality USB 2.0 extension in education, corporate, manufacturing and medical applications
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