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James Loudspeaker - SA63-7-ENC-R

3" Grille, High-Output, Small Aperture Speaker with Offset Port

Model: SA63-7-ENC-R

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The SA63-7-ENC-R is a unique part of the Small Aperture® collection of in-ceiling and in-wall systems that provide high volume levels, deep bass, and wide coverage from a small 3” seamless flush round or square opening (Now available with 3-inch Microperf grille). The SA63-7-ENC-R's main feature is an offset port (2.5” offset on center), which allows the speaker port to be positioned close to the ceiling joists where applicable. The offset port may be necessary to place the speaker grille in line with light fixtures located near the joists. The James Loudspeaker SA series models are virtually hidden, yet provide the complete musical experience. Each unit has been engineered to integrate a multitude of designer demands. The no-compromise design solution crafted for the meticulously artful and audio enthusiast alike. Each system is a true full-range, 3-way design with a 0.75” (19mm) aluminum dome tweeter, 2” (50mm) aluminum midrange driver and a 6.5” (165mm) aluminum mini PowerPipe subwoofer. Designed for whole-house audio installations, the SA63-7-ENC-R is especially suited for high-end homes where quality listening is paramount, and aesthetics are equally as vital. The point source mid/high module provides an excellent off-axis response, and the hidden mini PowerPipe woofer generates bass down to 38Hz for a truly full-range music experience, yet the user only sees a 3” round or square seamless flush opening. The grille configuration also accepts industry-standard mounting and fits high-end lighting trim kits to allow the speaker to match lighting fixtures in the same installation.

James Loudspeaker offers a wide variety of port options, even matching light fixture trims with custom matching trims. Often light fixtures are installed against or very near ceiling joists. If that is the case, in order to line up the speaker ports with the light fixtures, we need to provide the subwoofer assembly with an offset port. Then the port can be positioned closer to the joist.


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